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UK Resorts Exchange of 27 years are the 3rd oldest exchange company in the world!  

Holiday Alert - UKRE have member accounts that they have to close down by May 25th 2018 due to the new data act.  There are a few accounts that have credits within them that are available to existing and new members. These accounts wont be available for long! This can be taken in the UK or worldwide. More details to follow from Timeshare weekly. 

Do you have a problem accessing UK timeshare resorts? If so then read this article as this Exchange Company has been specialising in UK timeshare holidays since 1991.This complementary week is open to non-UKRE members that join as a SELECT member.

Did you know?
There are timeshare owners that can't seem to access UK weeks? Are you one of them? If so then you need to read this article.

What are the criteria to join as a SELECT member? You need only to be a timeshare owner.

Benefits of SELECT membership with UKRE

  1. Free complementary week to new SELECT members. That can be taken in the UK or overseas.
  2. Exchange fees as a SELECT member are only £50! 
  3. No hidden charges or GUEST FEES or CREDIT CARD charges or REQUEST FEES to search for your next holiday. 
  4. One membership fee covers all weeks owned. SELECT membership will enable you to make substantial savings!
  5. Exchange Fees as a SELECT member are frozen for 5 years.
  6. The only Exchange Company that guarantees a UK week if you deposit a UK week.
  7. A one off joining fee of £150 as a SELECT member freezes and secures your membership benefits for 5 years. 

The free complementary week is worth more than the joining fee!

Complete the enquiry form as shown in Point 8 of this article. This will be sent direct to UKRE to claim your complementary week as a new SELECT member. 

Join here  UKRE offer to Timeshare Weekly readers here.

I have been approached about a Points membership what is the difference between Points or Weeks view here

Table of contents 

This has been put in a logical sequence to create a better understanding of UK Resorts Exchange

Review the table of contents within the links so you can go directly to the area of interest to you. However to get a better understanding you need to review the whole guide. 

  1. Interview with Ann Blyth founder and owner of UK Resort Exchange. “What’s unique about UKRE”? 
  2. Who can join UKRE?
  3. How the UKRE exchange works.
  4. Free membership at UKRE for first two years
  5. Benefits of owning UK summer school holiday time
  6. What are the upgrade fees if I want to either access a larger apartment or holiday at a better time of the year than what I own?
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Special offer limited to Timeshare Weekly readers
  9. Author comments on UKRE

 Interview with Ann Blyth the founder of UKRE 

Ann Blyth and her husband Gerry
Ann Blyth and her husband Gerry

Did you know?
 bonus weeks - timeshares best kept secret!

What made you decide to focus on UK resorts more than 27 years ago? This was bucking the trend back then as people were buying the dream holiday abroad?

We are very proud to be providing what we feel is a unique service specialising in UK weeks, but with access to timeshares overseas with our trading partners. Todays current events people prefer staying in the UK and of course its more economical for UK families. UKRE prides itself on being flexible as well as maintaining low costs which are long serving members appreciate. 

Did you know?

The exchange fees are frozen for 5 years (fixed costs) for SELECT members.

1) Thank you Ann for sharing your time with Timeshare Weekly. I understand
congratulations are in order, as it’s now 27 years that UKRE have been in
business as an Exchange Company.

We assessed the Timeshare market place and saw the requirement to provide UK Inventory. In a maturing Industry there is a growing need for timeshare owners to access UK weeks. That’s what we provide, that is our niche.

I have over 27 years of experience working with UK resorts ensuring that UKRE members have holidays primarily within the UK. The company was established in 1991.

In 1996 an associate company was formed called "Worldwide Resort Exchange" this was formed by pressure from existing members requiring a similar service overseas at a much cheaper cost to them. This has provided us with excellent overseas trading partners.

Members have enjoyed holidays in destinations such as the USA where a firm favorite is Orlando, New Zealand, Spain, Canaries, Mexico, South Africa, to name but a few. This is ideal for members to access who have retained their weeks in the bank saving them for a longer international holiday. 

Did you know?
Members UKRE guarantee a UK exchange in return for a UK week deposited

“We at UKRE believe in a personal service and mainly prefer speaking to our clients to ensure that we are able to recommend and cater for our members individual needs.

What would you say was the strengths of UKRE?  

We focused on four key areas that would be of real benefit to our members to help ensure that we maintained a loyal client base by catering to their holiday requirements. I am proud to say that some of our clients have been with us for 27 years. In fact David Rendle was my first ever UKRE client and he's still active today enjoying his holidays with us.

  • UKRE are the only Exchange Company that guarantees a UK exchange in return for a UK week deposited.
  • UKRE have worked hard to ensure that we have the lowest exchange rates and costs within the UK and very rarely has there been an increases in exchange fees since UKRE was formed in 1991
  • UKRE also provide a unique upgrade service that is available to our members on a year-by-year basis. This applies regardless if you have a low season week and you require a higher demand time or if you have a studio and require extra bedroom(s) you simply double your exchange fee.
  • UKRE allow you to deposit your week for a 5-year period there after the 5 years you may have an annual retention fee.     

 2) So who can join UKRE?

Did you know?

Members who own any sized UK apartment at selected UK resorts in July & August can have 2 weeks of holiday time for depositing their one-week 

As an owner of a timeshare week, you have the right to access additional Independent Exchange Companies like UKRE. We believe that we add an extra option especially where members require access to the UK.

 3) How does the exchange system work with UKRE?

UKRE Members can place requests either by telephone or email through the website

We advise that, to get successful exchanges, we ask members to be as flexible as possible and give a selection of dates and areas. Those who ask for one particular resort and give only one date severely limits their options.

It must be noted that the majority of weeks being deposited by members are never seen on the website as they are allocated to those members who have placed a request and deposited their week with UKRE. The weeks shown on the Website are weeks that have not been requested by UKRE members. On occasions because of this not very much availability will be shown.

The website does not give a true reflection of the weeks passing though the system. By requesting early UKRE can get down to work with their Trading Partners throughout the world and many exchanges are achieved this way.

The message is clear put in a request at your earliest convenience with UKRE, as we don't charge any upfront fees for requesting unlike some other Exchange Companies. This is why we always strongly recommend that members request by telephone or through the request section on your account on the website. 

Did you know?
Did you know that UKRE have the lowest exchange rates in the world!

UKRE members know that if we are busy we have an answering machine that’s there to ensure we don’t miss a call. So please leave a message and we will get back to you.

 4) Can you tell us about your free membership at UKRE?

New members registering with UKRE have the choice of taking a two-year free membership with exchange fees currently at £78. New members must deposit a week to take advantage of free membership. Once the two years is up you will have the opportunity to convert to SELECT membership at what ever the 5-year membership is at the time.

Currently the 5-year membership is only a very low £150. SELECT membership through Timeshare Weekly now comes with a complementary week only while weeks are still available.


Happy couple on a late break

 5) You mentioned earlier that you could upgrade your week what
are the upgrade fees?

UKRE provides members a unique service for members to upgrade to a higher demand week and also a week with more sleeping capacity than what they own. This flexibility can be a service to those members on occasions when they need to upgrade to suit their needs. The cost for this will be double whatever exchange fee is applicable to their membership. SELECT membership fees are only £50.00

Did you know?
The exchange fees are frozen for 5 years (fixed costs) for SELECT members.

We have grouped weeks into three main categories. The UKRE calendar below will assist you when assessing if you need to request a seasonal upgrade.

UKRE Calendar Exchange Bands.

The weeks at UKRE are classified into three main seasons:

Medium weeks are January, February (excluding English and Scottish February half terms), March, November and December (excluding Xmas and New Year)

High weeks are April, May, June, September and October (excluding English and Scottish school holiday time) 

Premier weeks are all school holiday time in Scotland and England.

Below are generally the types of questions we tend to get asked at UKRE

 6) Frequently Answered Questions

Are there any other fees or charges?

There are no fees for Guest Certificates and Credit Cards. There are no up front charges! Most timeshare owners are not aware that most exchange companies charge a search fee up front.

Can I get my deposited week back?

Yes, provided that your week has not been allocated to another member

What happens if I cancel my exchange?

Members forfeit the exchange fee paid but we will credit the deposited week back into their account to be used at later date.

Do I have to wait until my week is allocated before I can get an exchange?

No. Once your week is in our bank it is our responsibility to allocate the week to another member. If your week is not allocated, you will still be credited with an exchange and you do not incur any loss.

How far in advance can I request an exchange?

Exchanges can be requested 12 months in advance. Many members cannot bank their week until their maintenance fees are paid and this is the reason why we have to impose a 12-month rule.

How late can I deposit my week?

For normal weeks the notice period is a minimum of 6 weeks notice. For high demand weeks the notice period is a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

On behalf of Timeshare Weekly we would like to thank you for your time, and we wish you every success with UKRE. 

 8) UKRE have a Special offer limited to Timeshare Weekly readers.
This applies to timeshare owners that wish  to take advantage 
SELECT membership through this article and claim your free week.

Join here  UKRE offer to Timeshare Weekly readers here.

9) Authors Comments

We all holiday differently so having the choice of Exchange Companies enables us to work with those that suit our holiday needs. UKRE is ideal for those that wish to holiday mainly in the UK but may still wish to holiday abroad. Like any Exchange Company you should acquaint yourself with the club rules as provided in the overview within this article so you can make an informed decision. 

Ann of UKRE is a real character and full of enthusiasm for her business and of her UKRE members. Ann recognised, back in the early nineties, the demand for UK inventory and this has proven to be a successful strategy for UKRE and its members. Having spoken to a number of UKRE members I was impressed with the loyalty of their members and to see that UKRE have retained their very first member David Rendle of 27 years is pretty unique. I have met and spoken to David personally.

In my opinion these are the key areas that stand out with UKRE.

  1. This Independent Exchange Company has been around for 27 years so this is not a start up company. They operate in a niche market place primarily focusing on UK weeks. 
  2. As more mature members are seeking UK Inventory a guarantee of a UK week if you deposit a UK week is unique and is a major benefit. 
  3. UKRE offers a free 2-year membership if you deposit a week, however, there are benefits to consider becoming a Select member immediately with savings on lower exchange fees and upgrade fees and of course a free complementary week. What is that complementary week worth? I would suggest that it’s more than what the 5- year joining fee is.
  4. SELECT membership. If you have a week that you are likely to upgrade sometimes, then requesting to become a SELECT member makes good sense. 
  5. If you have more than two weeks ownership that you are depositing with UKRE most years then you will undoubtedly be better off just on the savings you will make on the exchange fees of only £50 alone per week. The exchange fees are also frozen for 5 years as a SELECT member. 

Find out more and register with UKRE via the link below and secure your free complementary week as a SELECT member. Or register for free membership by depositing a week, which includes two years free membership. If you take advantage of the free 2-year membership.

NOTE the free membership does not include a free week.

Enter here to register with UKRE and find out more about the free bonus week on offer with this article.