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What is Timeshare? The Right Choice is a Lifetime of Great holidays

After meeting thousands of timeshare owners, I have written this article about the benefits of why timeshare is the right choice and the reasons why it has not worked for some.

For anyone considering timeshare for the first time or if they lack the knowledge on how to make timeshare work for them, then there is some good news. With use of the Internet, people are quickly learning how such a method of holidaying can be good for them and their family. "Timeshare Weekly" articles are there to help educate you. There are a number of benefits as listed below why timeshare is so popular if used effectively. Before you read them check this link first: WHY TIMESHARE.

Life on the beach

We will look at both sides of the coin:

  • The benefits of timeshare and
  • Why timeshare does not work for some owners.

So Why Timeshare?

To begin, the Timeshare Industry has been around for 50 years and there are approximately 7,000,000 timeshare owners worldwide accessing some 5,000 timeshare resorts. So it’s not a flyby night operation and, as the stats show, there are an awful lot of people using this holiday system.

Also I am sure that some of the most respected companies in the Holiday Industry would not get involved in something that was not popular and did not work. No doubt you have heard of Disney, Marriott’s, Hyatt and Hilton. They have all invested in the Timeshare Industry and offer timeshare apartments.

Also Surprising but True...

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The Corporate world has long recognised the benefits of owning Timeshare Weeks. They can be used to reward employees for performance, given away in Prize promotions and to potential customers. Here are just a few of the corporations that own timeshare...

Elida Gibbs Dunlop Scottish Brewers Kodak
Bacardi Canon L'Oreal
TV Times Colgate PepsiCo


Let me introduce to you the main benefits below that I have found after sitting down with thousands of happy timeshare owners who work the system.

1) The Ability to Exchange and Access Other Holiday Weeks Worldwide.

The main attraction for most is the ability to exchange their timeshare through one of the Exchange Companies. They can then exchange their week/points for another holiday worldwide. Many timeshare owners have told me how they had gone on to visit new destinations and types of holidays they would not normally have considered and have made new friends.  The very concept of timeshare exchange makes you consider different holidays.

There are others who have found their dream holiday and visit the same destination year after year. We all have different perceptions about what makes a great holiday for us.

The very concept of timeshare exchange makes you consider different holidays...


Those timeshare owners who work the system know that they don’t have to own lots of timeshare weeks as timeshare owners have access to worldwide "Bonus Time" available. "Bonus Time" is an extra week or weeks (and weekend getaways) through exchange companies. These weeks require no payment of maintenance fees, can be used often, and you can obtain luxury accommodation at budget prices. Please look at the article  bonus weeks - timeshares best kept secret!

You can belong to additional Exchange Companies and some are free to join so don’t short change your holiday opportunities:

3) Quality accommodation

Timeshare owners have related that when they were younger and don’t have families in tow, they could book a cheap package deal and share with friends, perhaps with little care of what accommodation lies in store. As lifestyles change, standards begin to make a difference yet some still book the odd ‘bargain’, crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. Not so with Timeshare accommodation. As an owner, you know by following the process as advised in the article Timeshare availability that you will be staying in top quality accommodation, with excellent facilities and service, at a bargain price.

Owning a timeshare makes sure that you can take great holidays with those that you care about.

4) Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is important as timeshare owners want stress free holidays gone are the days when you arrive at your hotel only to find a stag party in the next room, or a group of boisterous teenagers making your holiday ‘hell’.

You can rest assured in the knowledge that timeshare owners will be your neighbours and that they too appreciate the value of 'quality time' away from the hassle of everyday living. As an owner, you know that the things that matter are 'taken care of'.

5) Financial Considerations

What is important to timeshare owners is "value for money" when you compare the cost of booking similar accommodation with a travel agent (and many of the ‘luxury’ travel companies such as KUONI use timeshare resorts) you can, and most likely WILL save a small fortune.

Also most Exchange Companies have bonus weeks some from £129 or $160 for the whole week! So no maintenace to consider and as it was a bonus week there was no requirement to deposit a week or use points.

With timeshare you can take as many holidays as you wish with bonus weeks. 

It is just knowing how to work the system and being aware of what is available to you as a timeshare owner. By working the system you can obtain 5 star apartments with savings of 50% or more.

6) Lifestyle Enhancement

Timeshare owners have found that holiday costs when working the system to be much lower if used effectively, giving owners the opportunity to travel further and to obtain holiday experiences that might have been prohibitively expensive. Did you know that you can take holidays not just at Timeshare Resorts but ski cabins, log cabins, private villas, castles, canal boats, stately homes, Winnebago’s, and cruises. Have a look at this timeshare owners testimonial experiencing a catamaran holiday .The exchange cost was just £87 a bargain. Many timeshare owners say that they take MORE holidays because it is affordable - which, surely, must be a good thing!

We cant stop or save time, but we can share time with those we love.

7) Timeshare commits you to taking hoidays. Now that can't be a bad thing. 

This is a big one many a timeshare owner has stated to me that timeshare forced them to take and arrange their holidays with the benefit being that it is more affordable as well. Unfortunately it is a sad fact of life that some of us can get caught up with work and circumstances in life and we can go years without a real holiday. We may have the best of intentions of taking a holiday every year but something crops up and prevents us and another year goes by.

The real value in timeshare is in its use. Your timeshare ownership takes away all the reasons why some of us don’t take regular holidays. You become committed to taking holidays. As a timeshare owner we know we don’t want to miss out so we plan ahead our holiday date and location. Owning a timeshare makes sure that you can take great holidays with those that you care about in some truly amazing destinations. Each holiday can become an adventure!

8) Timeshare is More Than a Hotel Room

It’s a home from home feel; these are well appointed units that can sleep up to 10 people equipped with DVDs and cable TV. Timeshare owners enjoy spacious accommodation, private bedrooms with more sleeping space, the convenience of private bathrooms and kitchens that give you the option of not dining in expensive restaurants for every meal. Stock-up the refrigerator and relax - it's home from home! If staying at a resort there are also the amenities and various activities such as swimming, tennis, golf, and sailing, skiing, boating and even fishing. You can design and personalise your holiday by selecting the type of resort to suit your holiday requirements. Ensure you follow through the process as recommended in the article "Timeshare Availability".

Maintenance fees: This is one area where some people say that this is one disadvantage of owning a timeshare. This is not the case. Let’s say you rent your holiday by staying at a hotel or renting a holiday home. Are you paying for the cost of maintaining that hotel or holiday home? Yes you are! It’s all built into the rent. Your paying maintenance fees any way!

Think of maintenance fees the same way as money you spend to maintain your own home.  Maintenance fees are paid once a year, depending on the resort you own, the amenities there and the size of the unit you are purchasing.

Its important to note that with timesharing, there are no hidden “hotel supplements” or “occupancy supplements”. These extras alone can add up significantly to the cost of your hotel bill. You know where you are with timeshare as it’s far more transparent.

9) Second Home

The timeshare industry created an alternative second home for those who could not justify the expense of buying a second property. This made sense if you only intended to holiday for a few weeks a year. With timeshare, you do not need to worry about repairs and perhaps trying to rent out your second property when you can have your own second home stress free.

10) How does Timeshare costscompare against travel agents or Internet holidays? 

No one doubts that you can’t get some good alternative deals outside of timeshare. However consider the following

  • Most Internet and travel agent holidays are fine, however physiologically were standing outside the hotel room with our fingers crossed hoping that it's ok. That’s why Timeshare is a better option than the Internet holiday or the travel agent holiday it's a simple process to follow to ensure your timeshare apartment meets your personal holiday needs. Most times the hotel room is ok, but if that's not the case we end up shrugging our shoulders and saying it does not matter it's some where to put our heads, were be out all day anyway. 
  • What about if you got a noisy stag party next door? The problem is during a recessionary time everyone else is looking for a cheap valued holiday from the age of 16 upwards! They are also looking on the Internet and using the Travel agencies looking for value for money.
  • Also as mentioned earlier Timeshare is more than just a hotel room.  

These types of issues are not going to happen in timeshare as this is a members club. No one is going to be beating drums at 8pm at night.

Think about it where could you get access to quality apartments from £129-$160 for a week's accommodation as a extra week's holiday beyond the timeshare you own? You cannot compete with the price if you apply a little knowledge.

Help your friends by recommending this article to them.

Health benefits

Holidays should be on a prescription and we should be made to take at least three a year funded by our Government of course. The health benefits of taking that break from the daily grind and routine of everyday life can’t be measured. Sharing real time with loved ones and exploring new horizons - can life get any better? 

We cant stop or save time, but we can share time with those we love.

Just in case the Government does not step up, it’s going to be down to you to sort out your own prescription. So what do we want?

Answer: Stress free holidays with a little luxury and choice. Then we need to consider timeshare by reviewing how to make timeshare work for us by looking at "Timeshare Weekly".

Bad Press? For some people out there timeshare may be a swear word! Timeshares have carried a poor reputation during the past. Even today the Internet still seems to focus on those few bad guys in the Industry. All industries have their bad guys look at the Financial Sevices Industry the banks...

The media always tend to focus on the negative as the saying goes - negativity sells papers!

If I was considering timeshare for the first time and reviewed some of these websites I would think twice about timeshare! Even some time - served timeshare owners who have remained inexperienced about how to use timeshare effectively can be a little disillusioned with timeshare.

That’s where "Timeshare Weekly can help existing and new timeshare owners who may be inexperienced in using timeshare effectively.

Timeshare is a great concept and is a very simple system if worked effectively

Ok, So Let's Look at Why Timeshare May Not Work For You.

  • If you find your holiday style has changed and you prefer coach holidays. If you like travelling this way and staying hotel to hotel as you explore a country than timeshare is not for you.
  • If you’re an existing timeshare owner but have never been shown how to make your timeshare work for you then "Timeshare Weekly" is there for you.
  • Perhaps the way you own is not working for you and you need to explore other options within timeshare.
  • Some feel that they are there not getting value for money.They may belong to a club or a resort that the maintenances may be higher than the average resort. It is usually the case that the timeshare owner is not using their timeshare effectively. You may wish to explore other Exchange Companies and explore bonus weeks. Then most will find that when comparing like for like they got real value. 
  • For example, a timeshare owner recently had a couple of weeks that totaled over £1,200 (sterling) in maintenance costs. This is more than the average maintenance when comparing what they owned to other similar sized apartments. No one likes a bill like that at the end of the year. However it worked out that they and their family between them were able to take 6 holidays as a result of their ownership! That was around £200 a week for quality holiday accommodation. Quite a bargain and, if they were not timeshare owners, they may not have had the opportunity to take so many holidays between them. If your able to take advantage of bonus weeks at the various Exchange Companies this enables you to really take advantage of timeshare and bring down your overal costs without having to deposit your timeshare!
  • Some owners  are unable to use their timeshare due to lifestyle challenges.They have enjoyed their timeshare and, unfortunately due to ill health challenges or financial issues, are unable to use their timeshare anymore. In these cases, owners try to rent them or sell them.

Authors comments

The bottom line problem in timeshare I have found is a high percentage of timeshare owners just dont know how to make the best of their Club/Resort. Their existing Exchange Company may be better worked with a little knowledge. 

The good news is that timeshare is simple to understand and use, once the basic concepts are broken down and understood. 

"Timeshare Weekly" articles are there to help educate you to assist you make the very best use of your timeshare. Timeshare can open up a whole world of holidays to you and your family.

"Timeshare Weekly" has no timeshare products or timeshare adverts to sell. Ensure you sign up so you can receive news alerts to when the next article is to be posted. Also please look at some of our future articles soon to be released.

Best wishes and great holidays!


Graham about the author

P.S. Any typos, grammar and spelling mistakes are obviously deliberate and free as my gift to you.