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Testimonials by timeshare owners:

In December 1991 we took our two girls on a New Year trip to the Highlands of Scotland. Whilst we were there we were invited to see a timeshare lodge with the incentive being a set of Gloria Vanderbilt luggage so we made the appointment and my last words to my husband before we went were "we are not buying one". When we came out of the meeting the proud owners of our first timeshare we had no idea what treasures were to follow. We have for many years owned two weeks in Scotland and two weeks in Fuerteventura with which we have exchanged to visit many places in the world. We have stayed in penthouses and duplex suites, cruised and been upgraded on one to a suite which was unbelievable luxury. Timeshare allows you to diversify, we have watched humpback whales in Alaska from our ship, relaxed on beaches in the Caribbean, celebrated New Year in Banff Canada and walked the Strip in Las Vegas to name just a few. We arrived home on December 19th 2010 having had a fabulous exchange to Grand Cayman and although the heavy snow here in England was causing untold problems on the roads and at airports it could not wipe the smile off our faces. Timeshare is a great way of having wonderful and varied holidays.

R & B Buckland Essex

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We have been timeshare owners and exchanges for over 20 years since we brought our 1st week in Spain. Over the years we have added to our ownership and have enjoyed a wide variety of exchange experiences in the USA, UK and Europe. In recent years our favorite destination has been Hawaii, where we own at Shell vacation Club who operate several resorts across the Island. In May/June 2011 we spent a week at each Shell resorts on Kaicii and on the big island (also confusingly known as Hawaii) we supplemented this with an exchange week at Marriott Resorts on Maui, one of the most sought after resorts. US resorts are generally of a high standard but Hawaiian resorts are exceptional both in quality of the units and amenities and beautiful locations. Add to this a relaxed, laid back atmosphere, wonderful seafood and a host of activities and it is easy to see why Hawaii is such a popular destination all year round. We snorkeled with turtles, went whale watching, took a sunset dinner cruise, took a horse and carriage ride through a remote tropical valley and enjoyed a thrilling helicopter flight over an erupting volcano. Hawaii truly is a tropical paradise where shorts and t-shirt are the standard uniform at any time of year. Despite the long haul to get there it is well worth it.

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Martin Neill From N. Ireland  

Hi Graham - some of the points you raise "Why timeshare: is the right choice" are what we experienced when we first bought into timeshare. We were given very little info on how to get the best out of our timeshare and were left to just get on with it! Thankfully, it wasn't long before we were advised to speak to you, and have since been able to have some very enjoyable and good value holidays. Through the RCI points system my husband and I have had a couple of 3 week trips to America (if paying for the flight you may as well stay for as long as points/time allows!). We had 2 great weeks in a super resort in St Martin, Nether Antilles, costing approx £1,400, compared with £3,200 for a unit at the same resort with Kuoni! We've had several 1 week holidays in UK, these breaks of course can be taken for just the cost of the reservation fee. We're off to Gran Canaria for two weeks at the end of September staying in a 4 star resort, the flights costing around £400 for the two of us. What is really good about timeshare is that your accommodation is an apartment, and not just one room, so there's always a comfy sofa to sit on, where you can put your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea and a snack when you feel like it, just like you would at home. As you mention Graham, as long as you are prepared to put some effort in when searching for a holiday, you can make timeshare work for you. 

Regards - Hazel

We became timeshare owners because we knew it would make us take those quality affordable holidays. There's always a reason not to when your busy. 

We have been timeshare owners for 15 years now. We started with an Easter week in Wales and an August week at Passage House and used these satisfactorily in the RCI weeks system. In the mid-2000s, we looked at RCI Points and initially did not consider that the flexibility was worth the up-front conversion cost. However, Graham convinced us in 2007 to convert to Points by purchasing an extra June week at Passage House at a bargain price. These two weeks at Passage House gave us 164,000 points, and we have since been able to take on average almost 4 weeks points holidays each year. Aspects to note have been

  • Our holidays have been taken mostly outside peak season.
  • Points value for each week have ranged from 88,000 for a Gold Crown 3 bedroom unit sleeping 8 in Scotland in May to 9,250 for a Silver Crown week in Spain in March booked at one week’s notice (with 50% points discount).
  • The maintenance cost of each week taken on points thus works out at just under £200 per week. The rental value of some of these weeks has been over £1,000!
  • Every holiday has been enjoyable; any problem has been more than offset by positive features

Graham also advised us to keep our Wales week in the RCI Weeks system without any increase in membership fee), and this has proved good advice as we have been generally able to access accommodation with double the points value. We have thus had a Weeks week each year in addition to the above Points weeks.

We have thus certainly been grateful for Graham’s help and guidance,

From Frank & Lin - South Wales 

We have been using points since 2000  and immediately ceeded to points.  We further updated our point tally in 2005 when we purchased a bi-annual property at Vacation Village at Parkway, in Kissimmee, Florida.  Our point totals are thus 106,000 one year and 180,000 in even years.

I suspect for the first few years we did not make good use of these points, and probably lost out a few times.  However after having a “Health Check” with Graham where it was explained to us just how to get the maximum out of our points I think we have utilised our points to the maximum.

We have visited Australia twice in recent years, each time staying in Points Partner hotels in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney – within a 5 minute walk to Circular Quay.  We also used points to hire cars, first time from Adelaide to Sydney, second time from Brisbane to Sydney.

In 2007 we took our daughter, son in law and 4 grandchildren to Florida.  We stayed at Vacation Village, where we had 2 adjoining apartments for 2 weeks together with 2 cars, all using our points.

Last September saw my wife and I spending 2 weeks on the Costa del Sol, and we have just returned from 2 weeks at Vacation Village.  On both of these holidays we had a car, and all this was using our points.

Points are a great way of paying for accommodation and car hire.  I am not convinced about their value when used for Air Travel or Cruising.  I would be interested to hear comments on this.

Sent from Ruth and Peter Cornforth

We have owned timeshare since 1999. We have visited exchanges in Portugal, Spain, France, The Lake District, Scotland, Devon, Wales and America and Italy. We have enjoyed all our holidays; the trip to America was memorable. We spent the first week at Lake Tahoe. We were able to visit San Francisco and potter round the lake. It was wonderfully relaxing. We spent a second week in Las Vegas! The hotel ran very regular transport to the strip so the hotel was relaxing but we were able to see all the wonderful displays. We also went riding in the desert and on a helicopter rode to land in the Grand Canyon. The year (2011) we have spent at home at Passage House. The apartment was very comfortable and the location very relaxing. It is close to Dartmoor and the English Riveria. There are lots of places to eat including the Passage House Inn and Restaurant. If you can be flexible with your holiday’s timeshare is great.

C.M Langley  From Midlands

I have been a timeshare owner for 8 years. My children are additional owners and so also able to make use of my points. We have had many wonderful holidays in Europe. We have also visited America and Australia twice. We would never have been able to afford these holidays and the standard of accommodation without our points. My friends are amazed and envious of the amount of holidays I am able to take each year.

More recently my children’s parents in law have been able to use the points to take holidays in Portugal and New Zealand. The latter and two other countries spent a fabulous 2 weeks touring South Island and enjoying the many leisure facilities. Their apartment had stunning views and a private hot tub on the balcony. Timeshare is a great opportunity to travel, which we are looking forward to for years to come.

Marion Hamilton from Cardiff, Wales 


Holidays can be an adventure you have a chance to step out of your comfort zone and have a story to tell the folks back home.


We have had over 20 years of timeshare and have visited Spain, the Canaries and places in Scotland, Wales and England at a much-reduced cost to a travel agency’s prices. What we like is having an apartment with good facilities and the freedom to choose when and where we eat, and the space to relax as we please. We have visited some beautiful areas with wonderful scenery and particularly like not being organized by others and being able to choose activities of our own, quiet areas to explore and beautiful buildings to visit. The staffs are always helpful and friendly and all apartments we have stayed in are well maintained and comfortable. With a car, we can plan plenty of places to visit and enjoy, so planning trips is a pleasure not a chore! Several areas we have visited a number of times and there’s always something new to discover and experience. We have been retired for some years and find it is an economical form of holiday- we spend as little or as much as WE want and there are fewer demands from outside influences.

Critchley from Bracknell, Berkshire 2011

I have a timeshare in Mexico and I have used it to holiday in Mexico as well as exchange for weeks in Hawaii, Costa Del Sol Spain, Devon England, Washington and Idaho USA as well as British Columbia Canada. I like to be able to prepare some of my meals to keep costs down and to enjoy food prepared, as I like it. I find with a timeshare, I can afford to stay in much nicer places than I would normally be able to afford.

N. Simieritsch From Canada

We invested in our first timeshare at Mooring NSW in 1989 it was the best investment we ever made. Since that time we have stayed at most of the timeshare resorts in Australia, a couple in NZ and four in the UK and Ireland. Because most of the resorts are in country areas we have found that through timeshare we have stayed in places that if we were just booking hotels we would never have though of these areas to stay and would have missed some wonderful small towns and villages and country side that we have seen in these adventures around the world. They are as you say a great way to make you take holidays, and to places you would never think of going to. We have stayed in some really great places, some better than others, but never disappointing and some in Australia have great get together ideas to get all timeshare holidayers together for a breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup one morning when staying for your week. We recommend timeshare to people all the time, but only if they want to take lots of holidays.

A.L. O’Hare from Canberra Australia

Every holiday can be a memorable experience with a little knowledge and planning.

We have been timeshare owners for over 20years in three different resorts. We have had many happy holiday times at these resorts and at exchanges around the world both on our own and with our families. When on holiday one can stay at hotels where you have the restrictions of one room but we like the freedom in timeshare of ones own apartment to relax as you wish.

Mr & Mrs Teuten,  From Sussex

Our experience was similar to that of Mr & Mrs Buckland. In as much as our daughter was skeptical when we said we were attending a presentation but not buying. The result was 2 weeks in Tenerife and though we had not visited since approx. 2002 all other visits to Spain, Malta, Greece and in the UK, Scotland twice and Cornwall twice and now glorious Devon, it has all been a joy. Only my husband’s illness and death prevented the adventures but since then it has allowed me to take the grandchildren and our daughter to other destinations.

Mr & Mrs Lewis From Wiltshire

I brought timeshare in 1986 and have found it a positive experience and very good value for a family. For many years. We alternated with a holiday in my own resort followed by an exchange elsewhere another year.

The most memorable exchanges were to an aparthotel near warling harbour Sydney and at least three times to aparthotels in New York.  

The points exchange system enabled us to have weekends in Paris (no hardship) and breaks in this country. So 25 years of good holidays!

Mrs Telford from London  

Hello Graham

With regard to our RCI based trip to Hawaii we started with the premise that we wished to be away for our 40th wedding anniversary in May 2010. We had decided that ideally we wished to stay in Las Vegas on the outward trip and then take the four islands in any order.

In the previous July we had phoned RCI with the overall picture of what we wanted. We were told that there was nothing available for Hawaii - full stop. We left it a couple of weeks and rang again only to be given the same answer. I then said that it was for a very special occasion, that we had tried previously and what did I have to do to achieve Hawaii. After a short off line discussion we were offered the services of a 'Searcher' called Aarron. As we could not contact Aarron we had to wait.

In early August he phoned to offer a points resort in Kauai called Wyndham at Princeville, which was the week before our anniversary. We asked for that to be put on hold and waited for one other to be found. Shortly after he phoned again with an offer for the the following week on Big Island. This now meant that we could proceed with the flights and a resort in Las Vegas.

After talking to Aarron we took a chance that he could find us a resort in Maui and so the order was fixed that we would fly out on the 2nd May 2010 and spend a week at Summer Bay Resort in  Las Vegas; This gave us the time to see The Grand Canyon , Hoover Dam and other brilliant canyons as well as Las Vegas. We would leave there on the 9th May and hope that a resort would turn up in Maui. We would arrive in Kauai on 16th - resort booked - then Big Island on the 22nd - resort booked.

Due to the arrival time on Big Island we could only stay on Kauai for 6 days. In case we had to pay for a hotel on Maui we decided we could only afford 3 days in Honolulu on the return part of the holiday. 

We then asked RCI to find the flights for that itinerary and book the Las Vegas resort. They then offered us a great deal with Virgin Atlantic but returning to Heathrow via Los Angeles, having left from Gatwick. As the deal was so good it did not present a problem. As RCI did not have an arrangement with Hawaiian Air they arranged for Gold Medal Travel from Preston to book the internal USA flights.

We had to wait until the middle of December before Aarron phoned again with the offer of a week on Maui. Being a member of Marriotts Rewards I was able to book three days on Wakiki Beach and an overnight stay in Los Angeles with them. Consequently by Christmas the main components were in place.

Without the assistance of RCI the whole trip would have cost many thousands of pounds. We had an amazing holiday and a romantic anniversary at a Laua on the edge of a beach on Big Island, Hawaii,  thanks to RCI.

Elizabeth and David


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