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Sky TV & Timeshare Weekly

About The Sky Timeshare Channel featuring Timeshare Weekly across Europe and worldwide on UTube.      

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The Sky Timeshare Channel series was about the positive aspects of timeshare. 

The Sky programs are there to act as a guide to consumers that are curious of timeshare. The program will recommend Timeshare Weekly as a source for additional information.

It is our opinion that you will enjoy a lifetime of quality holidays if you select the right product and reputable Timeshare Company that’s relative to your holiday style and that you do a little homework. 

Sharing time with loved ones builds healthy relationships and creates lasting memories to share and enjoy time and again.

Below Past series as shown. Review the descriptions and review the program suited to your needs. As mentioned the programs below focus on the positives of timeshare and best use when you have the right product to suit your holiday style with a reputable Timeshare Company. 

Sky Episode 3 Timeshare Channel

Part 1 of this program will review UK Resorts exchange. If you wish to explore and holiday in the UK then you need to review how you can consider UKRE as an option. we will have a timeshare owner covering there Timeshare experiences and a special 3 week break in South Africa. 

Part 2 will cover the benefits of couples and families in timeshare and the importance of selecting the right Timeshare product to suit their holiday style. 

The objective of this program Episode 3 is for timeshare owners to consider an option to review UK holidays with UK Resort Exchange. This exchange Company has been around since 1991and specilises in UK resorts. The program will also introduce the concept that if you do a little homework and select the right timeshare product this could become a lifetime product that can adapt to suit your changing holiday styles right up to long in retirement. 

Sky Episode 2 Timeshare Channel

It is our opinion that you will enjoy a lifetime of quality holidays if you select the right product that’s relative to your holiday style and do a little homework. 

Part 1 of this program covers how ownership of just one Independent resort has enabled one couple to holiday throughout the last 12 months by just using bonus weeks! This illustrates what can be achieved with a little homework and planning by accessing Exchange Companies effectively. Mike & Edie are timeshare owners of 2 timeshare weeks. This interview shows them living their holiday adventure by accessing timeshare resorts with bonus weeks. This adventure could run for years! 

Part 2 covers Holiday Management Groups this introduces just a very basic overview of what they can provide with the advantage of having access to their own internal exchange system. Most of the larger groups focus on hospitality services with access too requested experiences. Their members also benefit from the external exchange accessing even more resorts through either RCI or II 

Timeshare may have some challenges of its own making, but we also have the solutions!

This follows with a brief introduction of RADO, TATOC, ARDA and the Timeshare Task Force. 

The objective of this program Episode 2 is to recognise that we all have individual holiday requirements and within this program we introduce ownership of independent resorts and Timeshare Management Groups. This follows on with the importance of knowing your Exchange Company's followed up with some basic exchange tips. 

Sky Episode 1 Timeshare Channel

The first episode outlines the basics of Why Timeshare and compares timeshare against Internet holidays, travel agencies and holiday homes. The program introduces the benefits of bonus weeks and timeshare exchange. This first program is for NON timeshare owners.

There is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind

The objective of this program Episode 1 is to ensure that those consumers that have a curiosity of timeshare will do a little homework prior to seeking out timeshare. They read their contract of ownership to ensure it’s the right fit and go on to make the most effective use of their holiday product with the support of articles within Timeshare Weekly.