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Recommend a resort - What's in it for you?

Dear fellow timeshare owner If you have details of either your own resort or have enjoyed a holiday at any timeshare resort during the last 3 years, please provide us with some details.

Under general comments, please put as much information as you can. Let your fellow timeshare owners know what really 'made' this holiday for you. Perhaps there is a major 'must see' attraction that you enjoyed visiting in the area?

Please can you take into account our fellow owners who may have a disability. Can you also let us know what other type of people may not suit the resort. (for example parents with small children, perhaps you feel elderly visitors with a disability may find this difficult. For example steps without lifts) Would you need to consider ( a car necessary or perhaps they have a good coach/bus service nearby, is the region very hilly etc). Thank you for your help and support.

Complete as many recommend a resorts as you wish. We are all here to help each other. The reviews will be listed soon.

If you cannot find the resort in the above list, then enter the resort name and country using the space provided below.