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Retirement Planning: Timeshare is Essential! Find Out Why Here!

Take the time out to read through this article it could be one of the best decisions you every made.

Retirement is a fresh start!

That's right it's a fresh start. A new beginning and you could make that decision at any stage of retirement; all the things we never had time for can now be achieved with a little planning. Timeshare if used effectively can enable you to take 5 star holidays at 2 star prices with a little knowledge. Travel the world during retirement and why not? It does not have to be all at once!

Professor Michael Norton at Harvard Business School made an interesting comment that has been summarised. "Happiness does not come about by buying stuff. That's a short term buzz its actually buying experiences that maximises happinessTimeshare Weekly believes that Timesharing with family can create experiences and memories that can last a lifetime. Quality time together strengthens the family bond.

Retirement is just another chapter. A chance to wipe the slate clean and live the life we want to lead

Timeshare membership enables you to spend quality time with your loved ones. That's beyond a home visit or a shared few hours together. A holiday together enables you to get a deeper connection and bond with holiday experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

When was the last time you spent a quality period of time away with your son or daughter? What about a grandchild or a family member? What about connecting with a friend?

Lastly and most importantly this is your time. Timeshare makes you take time out as a member of timeshare and allows you to step out of lives mundane rituals and live a little and recharge those batteries until your next holiday!

This is also a great opportunity for you to allow family and friends to access holiday accommodation at the price that it could cost for I-2 nights in a quality hotel! bonus weeks - timeshares best kept secret!

Articles within Timeshare Weekly will show you how timeshare can be personalised to suit your holiday requirements and that can include family and friends.

Use timeshare to Plan your Retirement holidays and share time with loved ones.

Table of Contents

Review the areas that are of interest to you.

Use the internet to research your holiday destination 1) Use Timeshare to Plan your Retirement Holidays and share time with loved ones.

For anyone considering timeshare for the first time or anyone lacking the knowledge on how to make timeshare work for them, then there is some good news. 

"Timeshare Weekly articles are there to help educate you learning how such a method of holidaying can be good for them and their family.. There are a number of benefits with timeshare if used effectively. Before we introduce them to you check this link first: WHY TIMESHARE.

To many people Timeshare is the ultimate "no hassle" option. They can turn up to a beautiful resort and spend their chosen weeks relaxing in a well-maintained property.

The upside to retirement is we have 52 weeks that we can be flexible with and can plan to take holiday time out with those that we care about, that's our children our grandchildren and our friends.

You can't stop time, you cant save time but you can share time with those you care about.

2) Timeshare is a great concept especially for those who
qualify in the following way.

  1. They can be flexible with their time.
  2. They now want more quality in the accommodation they access.
  3. They are now looking for value for money holidays due to a reduced income and will appreciate real savings on every holiday they take.

Learn more about why timeshare is the right choice.

3) The concerns we have in retirement when on
a pensionable income.

It does not matter how much we set aside in pensions. When we retire were going to take a drop in income once we stop working. The capital that we have acquired we need to protect. Unfortunately in today's climate the return on interest from our capital is at best poor. Rather than see our capital erode over the years why not set a part of it to work for you.

Invest in your future holidays and own your own holiday time and ultimately save money on quality holidays. Timeshare if owned in the right way ensures that if you are either single or as a couple your able to take years of excellent holidays. That's quality time together with friends and family. Ensure you review the link if you are considering timeshare.

4) Timeshare is moving on from its past reputation.
Timeshare is made for retirement.

Let's put things in perspective; all industries have their bad guys. Timeshare is no different than any other industry. It is a shame though those small minorities of "bad guys" are what the media tends to focus on as that sells papers. The vast majority of timeshare owners have demonstrated in past surveys how well timeshare has served them and their families.

"Live your life and forget your age." - Norman Vincent Peale

The introduction of new European Union regulations have been welcomed and introduced into the timeshare Industry. This has helped to restore confidence and secure holiday time in what is a great Industry and a great concept.

5) The advantages we have in retirement.

As mentioned in theory we can be more flexible with our time 52 weeks of the year! We can take low season holidays. We can access cheaper flights out of high season.

Why not explore the country you reside in. Then your holidays could be just a tank of petrol away!

Retirement still requires discipline as its easy to get caught in a different set of choirs and events in life. Sometimes we need to be reminded that this is our time and how important holiday time out is not just for us but that can include those we care about. How ever busy we feel we are its simply taking control and booking those extra holidays. Surprisingly events will then be planned around OUR time.

Remember we cant take our money with us so make it work for you with quality time out and with those you care for.

6) What are our holiday expectations?

We no longer want to settle for second best. Gone are the days when were prepared to rough it in a little one bed cramped hotel room at silly prices! We have worked hard all our lives. Its now our turn these are the best years of our lives doing what we now want to do without the restrictions placed upon us by full time employment.

Also timeshare members are like minded people that have invested in their holiday time. Travel agents are more likely to attract younger peole as neighbours that might just be on a stag party!

7) The world just got smaller

With the advent of the 21st century everywhere is accessible. Various cultures seen through our TV screen can now become a reality. Do we want to see or walk the China Wall, what about Thailand explore their culture and visit their Buddhist temples, India the Taj Mahal, just to name a few. With over 100 countries we can visit, perhaps life is just really beginning in retirement.

8) Sharing holiday time with family and grandchildren

Timeshare in Retirement gives us the means to enable us to commit to quality times that we can spend bonding with those we truly care about. Real lengths of time with our family, friends and grandchildren on holiday can commit memories that will last them a lifetime. Its times like this that we capture those special moments.

Enjoying retirementI met with Mr & Mrs Dickenson who plan and use timeshare to enjoy spending time with their two grandchildren. They are able to access a resort that not only caters for their needs but they ensure they are in a great location. This is quality time with their grandchildren. What type of bond do you think this helps to cement between the grandparent(s) and their grandchildren? This is priceless!

9) Extra holidays 5 star accommodation at 2-star prices

Are you or your family able to take extra holidays?

Did you know that you and your family can take extra holidays without the need to deposit your week or points your family can access bonus weeks through your membership. Bonus weeks - timeshares best kept secret!

10) Key Tips 

UKRE are the only Exchange Company that specialises in UK exchanges so check out this Exchange Company if that is important to you.

Dial An Exchange Bonus weeks Did you know you can pass on your Dial An Exchange membership details to a trusted guest and they could book a bonus week and pay D&E direct themselves at no cost to you or fuss. This is a major advantage as there is nothing more frustrating than trying to liaise with a guest to find out where they want to holiday and then what resort week might be more suitable. By the time they agree it's gone!

Check with your Exchange Company if they too have this facility that allows a trusted guest to book their own bonus week like Dial An Exchange. The guest can't access any credits you may have banked (Unless you specifically allow this), but members of Dial An Exchange have unlimited access to bonus weeks and they your guests can really benefit from this.

Find out how to obtain extra 5-star weekly holiday accommodation that could cost less than it would to rent a night or two in a quality hotel!

Bonus weeks - timeshares best kept secret!

For the price of 1-2 nights in a quality hotel they could virtually access accommodation anywhere in the world! All confirmations of any booking made are sent through to the Dial An Exchange member so you are kept up to date. What a great opportunity for an adult son and daughter to access.

11) A little knowledge goes a long way; would you
like to know the following?

Revealed Insider secrets

  • How one owner owns just one timeshare week and worked the system and took out 5 additional weeks accommodation for around £25 for each week!
  • You don't need to own lots of timeshares in order to take out multiple weeks of timeshare, find out more
  • You own a sleep 2 studio or a one bedroom apartment sleep 4 in low season. Would you like to know how you could upgrade this to high season in a larger apartment for exchange purposes?
  • Where you can obtain Exchange fees for just £50 with an Established Exchange Company?
  • What you have to do to obtain unlimited extra rental weeks without depositing a week.
  • How to take advantage of special promotions? One Established Exchange Company was promoting weeks accommodation even in high season for just £50! No deposit required
  • How to reduce the overall maintenance payments you are paying?
  • How to guarantee a UK weeks holiday for exchange purposes!
  • And much more

These are just a sample of simple tips and suggestions that are available within Timeshare Weekly. 

12) Holiday Homes versus Timeshare

Timeshare is becoming a very attractive option as an alternative to a holiday home. Why pay for twelve months of the year when you are on holiday for only 2 – 6 weeks a year?

Not only that, but there is a good chance that you will spend some of that precious holiday time making good your holiday home with some basic repairs and general maintenance instead of enjoying your well-earned break. Then, returning home, you will spend the rest of the year with constant worries about the security and upkeep of the property.

Then is also the capital required to buy the kind of luxury holiday home that you have seen promoted in some exotic locations like the Caribbean? Beautiful homes set in inspiring locations with first class leisure facilities cost a small fortune.

In a world of uncertain times even an investment of freehold property in Spain or Florida is not the safe investment it was. The timeshare industry has created an alternative second home for those who could not justify the expense of buying a second property. With timeshare, you do not need to worry about repairs and perhaps trying to rent out your second property when you can have your own second home stress free.

Don't grow up it's a trap! I see no good reason to act my age

13) Timeshare verses Hotel rooms.

Timeshare ownership creates substantial savings over renting and provides superior holiday value. You will usually pay more for a hotel room than what it will cost you to stay in your timeshare. Instead of paying for a room, however, you'll receive a fully equipped spacious holiday villa, which generally will include kitchen, living room, bathroom, one or more bedrooms and a private balcony or patio. Some come with hot tubs or your own sauna. Also usually included are towels, linens, TV's, kitchen utensils and maid service (not always daily).

When you own a timeshare, you can plan ahead and request the resort to suit your holiday style so you always know what you're going to get when you arrive. There are thousands of timeshare resorts worldwide to choose from, there's no chance of you booking into poor accommodation or finding yourself booked into a too-small a room if you plan ahead to suit your holiday style - with timeshare, your accommodation is always kept in good order, with everything ready for you to settle into at the end of your journey.

14) What about travel agents or Internet holidays? You
can sometimes get some great deals how does
Timeshare compare against these

No one doubts that you can't get some good alternative deals outside of timeshare. However consider the following

1) Most Internet and travel agent holidays are fine, however physiologically were standing outside the hotel room with our fingers crossed hoping that it's OK. That's why Timeshare is a better option than the Internet holiday or the travel agent holiday. Most times they're OK but if that's not the case we end up shrugging our shoulders and saying it does not matter its some where to put our heads we will be out all day anyway.

2) What about if you got a noisy stag party next door? The problem is during a recessionary time everyone else is looking for a cheap valued holiday from the age of 16 upwards! They are also looking on the Internet and using the Travel agencies looking for value for money.

These types of issues are not going to happen in timeshare as this is a members club. No one is going to be beating drums at 8pm at night.

Think about it where could you get access to quality apartments from £129 for the week? You cannot compete with the price if you apply a little knowledge.

15) Buying a timeshare?

In the long run, buying a timeshare will save you money. Once you've made the initial outlay on the property, which typically costs about the same amount as two-five weeks away depending on the type of holidays you take and your timeshare holiday needs.

If you make the right purchase decision, you and your family can look forward to years of excellent holidays. Consider some of the questions you should be asking yourself and then consider your options.

16) If you're an existing Timeshare owner review Timeshare Exchange Companies

As a timeshare owner you can access additional Independent Exchange Companies this provides you with additional options. Be sure to read other relevant articles, including our own regarding Independent Exchange Companies.

17) We have a younger mind set as we saw a change of attitude from the teenagers of the fifties onwards influenced by dramatic changes in, music, fashion, films etc. that set them aside from previous generations. we are living longer and most now see retirement as a new start!

Ensure you review Gray Power. This could be the new you whatever stage your at in life this section is an education and could really benefit you. I believe the generation retired now and due to retire soon has a different attitude then previous generations.

Its all about Expanding Life's Horizons and how timeshare is just a part of this. Review Gray Power.

The author's comments

Timeshare was made for those in retirement! If you make the right purchase to suit your needs then you will enjoy timeshare for many years to come.

Retirement is a great coming of age. This I believe is a time that we can make a difference in our lives. We can go at our own pace and do the things that perhaps we did not have the time for when we were working.

Timeshare in Retirement gives us the means to enable us to commit to quality times that we can spend bonding with those we truly care about. Real lengths of time with our family, friends and grandchildren on holiday can commit memories that will last them a lifetime. Its times like this that we capture those special moments.

Timeshare enables you to make a start on your bucket list what ever your age. If there is a place you wish to visit, there are over 100 countries with some 5,000 timeshare properties. The properties vary from cottages, castles, resorts, villas, hotels, boats and many more various types of quality accommodation.

Retirement is when you stop living at work and start working at living.

Ensure you provide us with your feedback every time you holiday at a resort to provide Timeshare Weekly with your resort review in 'Recommend a resort' this will be in the Timeshare Made Easy News Letter soon to be launched.

This is the golden years we can stop to smell the coffee and take note of what is really important to us this should be your time.

Kind regards


Any typos, grammar and spelling mistakes are obviously deliberate and free as my gift to you.