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Can you recommend an alternative Exchange Company to us please?

To start with I simply ask you to ensure that you are using your existing Exchange Company effectively and then follow this up with further questions? 

To begin with we need to ensure that we are using our own Exchange Company before we consider our options. The danger is we will run from company to company confusing ourselves. Lets go back to basics to ensure that we understand our existing Exchange Company first! We may not be aware of some real benefits available through our existing Exchange Company.

Top 4 tips to obtaining that dream exchange holiday

Lets first make sure that you are making the best use of your main Exchange Company as we have found a high percentage of timeshare owners were not. Start with reviewing some key areas within your Exchange Company and ask direct questions and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Key areas that can make a difference

1) Requesting your holiday exchange. A simple rule is that if you can’t be that flexible with your holiday time, then you need to plan ahead and request as soon as your Exchange Company allows. So ensure that you check out your Club Rules. Planning ahead is important for those main special holidays or those that are in prime time.  If your Exchange Company only allows you to book 10 months ahead then make sure you request 10 months ahead and not 9.5 months.

Most timeshare owners have told me when I asked the question. "Do you understand the benefit of booking ahead"? Will generally respond with yes I do. Then it's discovered that they did not actually request at their earliest opportunity!

Key tip we have to understand the key rules of our main affiliate Exchange Company. The booking and requesting process is one of them ensure you understand this and work the system!

Try to create as wide a window period as you can when requesting your holiday. If for example while booking ahead you require summer school holiday time in August. Ask for any week during August or as wide a window as you can. This may also allow you to access a more favorable resort of your choice.

If what you have requested is not available then ask to leave a SEARCH OPEN and ask “how will you contact me if the resort of my choice becomes available”.  

Remember that fellow timeshare owners and sometimes the resorts themselves deposit resort weeks throughout the year.

2) Requesting a research is vital with Exchange Companies. What you see online on an Exchange Companies website is what no one else has requested! As soon as a member makes a request, any week deposited that fits that request is immediately offered to the requesting member before going on the website. You will not see holiday weeks that are passing through the Exchange Companies system that’s supporting their members search requests. So effectively you are viewing online what no one else wants! That will still leave you with some great weeks, but it limits your options.

Key tip so a simple rule is put in a request as early as exchange rules allow or you are able too!

After you have placed your search regardless phone back on a regular basis I have found that sometimes while on the phone with some Exchange Companies a resort just becomes available maybe a coincidence?

Have you checked out other Exchange Companies yet? Just maybe they might have the very week you want for that particular holiday.

3) Perhaps you have limited yourself to just one Exchange Company?

If you have a good understanding of your Exchange Company and they are unable to meet your holiday request then you may not be aware that a high percentage of experienced timeshare owners use more than one Exchange Company?  Some are FREE to join and have no annual subscriptions. An Independent Exchange Company could act as a bolt on to your current Exchange Company.

Key Tip After ensuring you are using your main affiliate Exchange Company effectively and you find that your holiday requirements are not met then review Independent Exchange Companies. Just maybe they might have the very week you want for that particular holiday.  view here Independent Exchange Companies.

4) Can you take short notice holidays? Then this is a must read as the article can also show you how your family can benefit as well even if they dont own timeshare!  bonus weeks - timeshares best kept secret!

Achieving the holidays that you require is not automatic. Nothing worthwhile comes automatically you will have to do a little homework and review the articles, that are designed so you can understand your Exchange Company in your own time and how to best work the system so that every holiday can become a dream holiday.