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Internet and Travel agency holidays versus Timeshare


No one doubts that you can’t get some good alternative deals outside of timeshare. However consider the following

1) Most Internet and travel agent holidays are fine, however physiologically were standing outside the hotel room with our fingers crossed hoping that its ok. That’s why Timeshare is a better option than the Internet holiday or the travel agent holiday. Most times there ok but if thats not the case we end up shrugging our shoulders and saying it does not matter its some where to put our heads were be out all day anyway. 

2) What about if you got a noisy stag party next door? The problem is during a recessionary time everyone else is looking for a cheap valued holiday from the age of 16 upwards! They are also looking on the Internet and using the Travel agencies looking for value for money. 

These types of issues are not going to happen in timeshare as this is a members club. No one is going to be beating drums at 8pm at night.

Think about it where could you get access to quality apartments from £129 for the week? You cannot compete with the price if you apply a little knowledge.