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Find out more about exiting in timeshare that could be a game changer.

Working Together

The 21st Century has seen the consumer’s expectations rise and all businesses and Industries that wish to flourish need to keep pace with a changing world and new trends. The Timeshare Groups that have moved with the times are setting the standards.

There are some resorts that are either Developer or Committee run. They may not have the resource or experience to support an effective on going education for their members and they may not have a strategy to cater well for them during periods of growth or lifestyle changes within their consumer membership and may experience some challenges. 

What is the latest on the Supreme Spanish Courts on Law 42/98 regarding Spanish Timeshare.  It is wise to take council from a lawyer that is familiar with timeshare in the country that you purchased. Lawyer specialised in Timeshare Law, claiming cases all over Spain. contact Javier Correa Lawyer nº 1071 of the Las Palmas Bar Association.  The first consultation is free

There are other Timeshare Companies that only seem to mainly wear a business hat and this is a false economy. They need to see through the eyes of the consumer and then wrap a wrapper of profit around their business model. When the members feel they are recieving value you will be running a succesful business. 

Timeshare Weekly was partly created with a view to exploring workable solutions that are worthy of debate. We believe there are solutions we can work towards at resort level that could eventually work through and impact positively upon long-term Industry issues.

Timeshare Weekly does not have a monoply on all good ideas and most of the suggestions we will make would have undoubtably been discussed in some shape form or another. 

There is an open opportunity to discus in confidence issues that are personal to your resort with Timeshare Weekly. This will be subject to constraints of time and Timeshare Weekly's support of this will be reviewed on a regular basis. 

There are no specific one off answers as each resort needs to personalise and work towards its own solutions within the confines of where it finds it self now.  

The Industry needs to debate challenging issues at grass root level, the solutions are out there we need to establish what's right for you now. Why not add to join in this debate here on timesharetalk How Timeshare Companies with challenges could turn this around 

Who will be the first to design a product that caters for life style changes? As an example this may appeal to the younger generation. Why not have a 10-50 year lease with on going exit options.  

These are some areas below  that will encourage debate. Those resorts that contact Timeshare Weekly rest assured this can be on a confidential basis. The debate alone just might steer you to consider a solution to a timeshare challenge that you may have.

Review the 24 questions and consider what is the most important area that you feel you would like to discuss than contact Graham via email in confidence. 

Timeshare Companies that have had challenging times can re-invent themselves one step at a time. Become the Timeshare Company that will be attractive to consumers by understanding their needs. Nothing ventured nothing gained. 

1) Exit Strategies – is what could define the future of your Timeshare Company. We believe we have some workable solutions that are worthy of debate. We believe that there is a common sense and SIMPLE solution to exiting that can be personalised!

Timeshare has some problems of its own making, but we also hold the solutions. 

The Industry has shown no collective fair solutions to exiting and therefore believes at some stage this could be legislated. We have seen that the signs are there, as the Spanish Supreme Court has already made a ruling governing Spanish resorts. Effectively only those Timeshare Companies in Spain that have a term of 50 years or less and are fixed weeks do not come under the ruling of Law 42/98

2) The EU Commission have reviewed Perpetuity and exiting timeshare in Europe. Timeshare Weekly have submitted two reports on how exiting could be introduced across Europe. We have shown how Timeshare Companies exiting strategies can be personalised to suit a timeshare Companies circumstances and resources. 

The EU we believe has been convinced for the time being by the the Industry that it can put its own house in order. Past history has proven over many years that this is extremly unlikely. There are to many self interests at large.

Timeshare Companies need to get ahead of the game and introduce their own exit strategy to existing long-term contracts. The exit options should allow those members with lifestyle challenges to exit at an agreed time that would allow the timeshare company to adapt and market for new members that are relevant to their Timeshare Company.

In all Industries it is found that its not the biggest companies that survive or those who have the most resource. It is the companies that listen to their consumers and is more adaptive to positive change.

3) Do you have the right timeshare product? This has to be of real benefit to the consumers who use it and not from a business perspective. Do you really believe in your resorts product? You can change the product more easily than you can change your consumer.

4) What about new contracts that can attract the younger generation. we are not talking simply short term products they do not in our opinion provide value from both a consumers prospective and the Timeshare Company. Why not explore some alternative solutions that will benfit both the resort and entice in your new member?

5) How are you making decisions regarding the future of your Timeshare Company if your decisions are based on old data or just from a companies assumptions and mainly to a companies personal benefit, then its very likely that your recommendations will be flawed and will prove to be a false economy regardless of how good this looks on paper!

This is just a sample of areas that feedback will assist you to plan for your company’s future. That’s member’s ages; ideal if you know how many members holiday as a family, the number of single members, and the countries your members live in. Members that rarely holiday exchange their time and use your resort (those members that regularly use your resort are invaluable as they are your ambassadors around the pool and in your restaurants look after them and get your program right because they are your unpaid salespeople.)  How many members have requested to exit what are their reasons? Get numbers and percentages this will be invaluable.

Ensure you can identify your member’s information within a simple format. A simple software program will enable you to store this, for example to download a list of members that access your resort(s) on a regular basis. The more you know about your membership the better the service you can provide and it will ensure that future policies are shaped partly based on your memberships needs, wants and fears. Ensure that your information is relative and kept up todate so you can be pro-active.

6) Do you want a sustainable membership? Then Design and market for your ideal membership - This can work more effectively if you market for members more relevant to your resort/club. What is your resort’s Unique Selling Points? If you don't have one then create one! Why should any one choose your club/resort and not another club/resort?

Don’t try to do everything; just do something

7) Marketing for your ideal membership -  Once you have identified your ideal member then the right marketing strategy will become more apparent. The Timeshare Company can focus on it's unique attraction to this market with a simple cost effective marketing process. We believe that marketing needs to have a different process when promoting low season weeks. This is a big problem with some resorts that have poor occupancy in low season. This requires a personalised plan of action.

8) Ideas on how to attract the younger generation - What are their fears and perceptions of our Industry.  What are they looking for? What can be done to attract the younger generation? Where is this market place and what has to be in place to attract them to our resort? We think we have some ideas that are worth reviewing.

9) How to sell your members timeshare – We have ideas and options to be considered if owners want to sell.  These options can be for Resale Companies how they can be more effective. Resorts how to best utalise there existing resources to promote their timeshare. How the timeshare owner can consider there own options if they wish to sell privately.

10) Resale companies - We need a win-win scenario Resale Companies can promote weeks from a resort that has a high number of owners wishing to leave without just having a long list!

11) Ideas to generate extra revenue beyond timeshare or save money. There are a number of areas that can be discussed as well as how your staff and members can contribute to wards this. 

12) How to retain your members?  - Lets not just look at how you can satisfy or please your members lets look at how you can amaze them!

13) You Get What You Measure and Reward At, Jeff Bezos is famous for leaving an empty chair at the conference table. This leaves those attendees know it’s occupied by the “the most important person in the room”—the customer. He backs up that symbolism with an array of services and support of which around 80 percent relate to what customers care about. 

Some Timeshare Companies I believe have forgotten that their members are their most important assets. Some have no real idea of what's important to their members/guests and what would make the difference as their out of touch and no longer have the pulse of their membership.

Make sure that you have a measurement of where your member is with regular proactive thinking surveys and interaction.

"Most People do not listen with the intent to understand. They Listen with the intent to reply" Stephen R Covey

Do you have a suggestion box/email that allows your employees and members to interact with you? The chairman of Sainsbury's looked at these personally every couple of weeks and some of the best ideas came from the shop floor!

Reward and encourage employees to listen, think, empower, create, delight and surprise by going the extra mile. Your front line staff from the person on your phones to the maintenance that interact with your members daily as they go about their work to the receptionist who gives that warm friendly greeting and sales staff that should be trained to the highest standards to take every advantage to create a service and an experience of your brand. These habits will leave your members and guests addicted and they will want to come back for more.

14) Debt Collecting Resorts -- Those Resorts that apply this procedure to members who don’t pay their maintenance would prefer just to be able to replace those members. Most are just trying to protect the resort and their members from rising costs. They must be aware that having a debt collecting procedure in place will not help when marketing for new member’s as this policy becomes known around the pool and in your bars and on forums. They need to review their exit strategy and marketing.

15) Rising maintenances – What can we do about this? We can’t stop rising costs but we can pull resources and ideas that may reduce overall costs. We believe maintenance should be paid relative to your season of ownership to ensure that ownership remains competitive to rentals when comparing like for like within your location. This will help entice ownership of low season weeks.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn

16) Selling techniques what Selling techniques do you employ– most need to be reviewed and the sales presentation adapted to assist the new member absorb the working process of their product. Some sales teams have not changed over many years and your presentation has been seen many times. How could yours be different from their previous presentation? How can this be done professional and with respect! 

There will come a time when there will be a transition from traditional selling with new technology and a general mistrust of salespeople.

This will see the introduction of timeshare products being sold online without the need of a salesperson. This will be done at a resort or in the privacy of our homes. Resale companies could become a true Independent with access to timeshares that could be matched to suit a consumer’s lifestyle.

Products will have flexible terms with on going exit strategies after set periods. They will still be attached to a week.

More flexible products will be more attractive to the younger generation where we see the uncertainty of job security. However more than ever in a fast moving world the family will see the need to take time out and spend quality time together in quality accommodation. The thinking Timeshare Company will go on to create more value for money with a focus on service and creating new experiences for their members.

17) Licensing Salespeople This has been raised a number of times by Timeshare Weekly. Correct Licensing  Indepentently assessed is the way ahead. There will always be a place for the knowlegable professional salesperson. They need to have a simple factfind to complete with the prospective new member guided by rules governing 'best advice' is a must. Licensing is an important part of the Jigsaw that needs to be in place. Review this debate and join in if you wish Licensing Salespeople get involved in this debate   Why wait for legislation? Introduce your own code and conduct with a factfind based on the principles of 'best advice'  be known as a selling company that provides additional consumer protection with advice relative to the consumers holiday style. 

Some resorts during periods of growth or lifestyle changes within their consumer membership may experience challenges.  As such, each resort requires a "personalised" solution. There is not one size that fits all. 

18) What is one of the first things that a prospective member is going to review in this day and age when considering new ownership with your company? Your Resort Website and thats the start! - This is not just about portraying a professional image. How could you draw upon your strengths and appear more attractive to visitors considering your club/resort. A growing percentages of prospective owners will review your website when considering ownership and also anything else that pops up on the Internet with your name on there. What is your website saying about you? What is a forum saying about you? If its not favourable lets take note of what consumers are saying about your Timeshare Company and than lets change that by taking the right steps.

19) After Care Service by Timeshare Companies - Supporting your member on The Best Use of Timeshare -What follow up procedure should there be in place not just after a sale takes place, but that should be ongoing?  A good place to start is to ensure that your members have access to some basic education on the best use of timeshare, but on a level that is relative and in a format that is easily accessible and easily absorbed.  There is so much that could be done and its simple to do.

To our experience a high percentage of timeshare owners consider leaving because they simply do not know how to use their timeshare effectively or what is available to them. If a Timeshare Company does not have relevant timeshare education in place than a link to Timeshare Weekly can be made available free of charge, as Timeshare Weekly has nothing to sell or advertise and is therefore not in competition with any Timeshare Company.

It is easier to change or modify your product than lose members! 

20) Building a relationship with their timeshare owners  By obtaining an emotional connection with regular updates that involves them. In turn, your members will become your best ambassadors. You may also identify set skills amongst your membership that you might be able to call upon. Get your members involved!

21) Customer Care How to create a memorable holiday experience? This goes one step beyond the physical product. Consumers base their decisions on quality of service. Do more than what’s expected. This should start before your guest/member arrives at your resort. What makes you different? Are your staff trained/educated in customer service? When was the last time this was tested? The most important task each day is when you next conn ect with a customer.

Owners and Guests will forget what you said, will forget what you did, but they wont forget how you made them feel.

22) More awareness and care for the disabled timeshare owner – We have researched this massive market that the Timeshare Industry has not recognised, and it does need the Industry's attention. We have spoken to Disability Groups and we feel that we can generate new members and support those less fortunate then ourselves. Timeshare could be ideal for them.

23) The "singles" market - We don’t have to market this as it’s growing internally! Owners may be widowed or divorced. We need to adjust to identify and support those members so they feel welcome and promote activities they can get involved in. This can be within the location of the resort.

"Your success is in Direct Proportion To the Amount OF VALUE You Deliver to your Market place!"

24) Scam Companies – We have ideas that can help to close Scam Companies down.

 "Your success is in Direct Proportion To the Amount OF VALUE You Deliver to your Market place!"

In all Industries the most succesful companies work back from what’s best for the consumer and then work out how to put a wrapper around this to make a profit. Some businesses seem to have lost sight of this in some areas. They focus on what's right for the business then try to make the consumer fit around their product! A happy consumer will recommend friends and family.

Resorts need to develop the ability to see around corners.

Alice in Wonderland "What road do I take? The cat "Where are you going? Alice "I don't know?  The cat "Then it does not matter. If you don't know where you are going any road (might) get you there"

One of my favorite quotes was from the late Peter Cook whose quote could be used to sum up some timeshare challenges that have been around for years. 

"I have learned from my mistakes, and I am sure I can repeat these exactly".

Yours sincerely


Any typos, grammar and spelling mistakes are obviously deliberate and free as my gift to you.