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More Dial An Exchange member examples of bonus weeks taken.

Mrs. E Pennington own at Langdale UK. In 2012 Mrs, Pennington has taken 4 bonus weeks.

Mrs Penningham went to Lakeland Village in March for £189 1 Bed sleep 4 at Langdale. In May £189 1 Bed sleep 4 Windjammer Condos Ocean Shores in Washington State. In July - sleep 4 in a cottage in Whitby that’s a sleep 4 for £149. In August £239 – sleep 6 and has booked Burnside Park for 17th November for £239 2 bed sleep 6.

Peter Oxley owns at Club Calahonda in Spain

Peter obtained 3 bonus weeks consecutively in Florida. Two weeks were at Orange Lake Country Club Sleep 4 for just £159 per week, and one week at Liki Tiki Village sleep 6 for £159. That’s three consequative apartment weeks in the USA for £477! 

Mr. and Mrs. Forman took 20 bonus weeks in four years.

They went to Resorts throughout the UK, Including, Stouts Hill, The Osborne, Regency Villas, Pantglas, Various Macdonald Resorts, Scandinavian Village, Barnsdale, Craigendarroch to name a few. 

Mr and Mrs Nall own at Barnsdale and have been Dial An Exchange members since 2002

They have taken 56 holidays with Dial An Exchange in 10 years, yet only own one timeshare week.

We became members with Dial An Exchange in 2002 and the family has taken a total of 56 exchanges and bonus weeks in that time. We travel mainly in the UK and have had great holidays at Plas Talgarth, Elmer’s Court where we love the restaurant, Rhinefield House, Barnham Broom and more recently Hope Barton Barns which has an excellent pool for such a small complex. We have also had some great family holidays in private properties through the Dial An Exchange system including a 4-bedroom 3-bathroom barn conversion in the Durham Dales and a lovely property in Cornwall. With our original purchase at Barnsdale we had two free years membership with another exchange company but we became increasingly dissatisfied with their service and switched to DAE and have never looked back. We are not known for giving false praise but we feel that Dial An Exchange deserve a medal for all the hard work and effort they have put in to trying to get us what we are looking for. They operate a very straight forward, inexpensive system and very friendly service and we will certainly continue to use them and of course also remain owner at Barnsdale Hall and Country Club.