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Bonus weeks: Does your family know about them?

What a great Gift! Lets introduce a whole new generation to the benefits of timeshare through bonus weeks.

In a sense bonus weeks are timeshares best kept secret. We all know about them, but most timeshare owners dont know how to work them effectively with the Exchange Companies available to them. This is your opportunity to make this important aspect of timeshare work for you and your family and friends.

This could enable you to either take extra holidays in the country you reside in or more holidays abroad. Non timeshare owners would not believe that I have taken additional holidays in the country that I live in for the price of one night in a quality hotel! Then it's just a tank of petrol away. 

All thats required is just a little of your time set aside to follow the research thats already been done for you.

Hot off the press Interview with a retired couple who are using bonus weeks to travel the world. Mike and Eide have been using bonus weeks since April 2013. they cant go home as they have rented out their home to part fund this exciting adventure. Everything is possible with a little planning view this short video  extract from the Sky Program Timeshare Channel.

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5 key points that could reduce your holiday costs dramatically by 50% or more view here

Show your family & friends how to use bonus weeks

Family and friends would appreciate the opportunity to holiday in quality accommodation. Everyone is more conscious about the value of money these days. Your family and friends are not immune to this.

The biggest savings are obtaining bonus accommodation in the country of your residence, as it’s just a small rental fee and a tank of petrol away compared to what it would cost in a comparable property.

Bonus weeks can be accessed worldwide at discounted rates. Even school holiday time abroad has been achieved with bonus weeks. Different countries may have other periods of time allocated to school holiday time. This can work to your advantage. It’s just working the system. 

What are bonus weeks?

Essentially, these are last-minute reservations at significantly reduced rates you can stay in luxury resorts, in amazing locations Worldwide!

Bonus Weeks are a great opportunity to treat yourself to a holiday at an unbeatable price! They offer some of the very best value for money on the holiday market for about the price of a quality night in a hotel!

There is no limit to the number of Bonus Weeks you can book and use - for yourself, or your family and friends. Family and friends can access bonus weeks via your timeshare membership while not owning timeshare themselves. What a great gift!

If bonus time is used extensively and wisely sharing this with friends and family it can end up becoming more valuable than your original timeshare! The savings made at reduced rates have the potential to offset your annual maintenance fees. 

At some stage family and friends will want to own there own timeshare and owning the right timeshare will produce quality holidays that will last a life time.

A bonus week is an extra week that you can access in addition to the timeshare week that you own that you don’t have to deposit a week or pay with points.

These are deposited weeks that have not been booked out by the Exchange Club members or may be weeks deposited by a resort for commercial reasons. 

Bonus weeks usually come with expiration dates and may differ slightly. Most Exchange Companies have expiration dates ranging from 0-8 weeks. There are some exceptions to this, ensure you know your exchange companies that compliment your holiday style.

Where can I access them?

The main source of bonus week’s (extra weeks) are made available by the Exchange companies. 

Different Exchange Companies have different names for bonus weeks such as Instant escapes. Getaway weeks and vacation escapes to name a few. 

Remember to tell and show those close to you how to use bonus weeks through your membership. Your family and friends will have holidays that are affordable and memories that will last them a life time.

Bonus weeks can be sourced and made to work for you as illustrated by Mr & Mrs Carter while abroad on holiday secured a bonus week for the following week!

My wife Helene and I have utilised the experience of Dial an Exchange for over ten years. Looking back you begin to realise that the staff take a great interest and pride in looking after us and providing us with a range of options we would otherwise not have considered. Our recent trip to England is a case in point. Amanda here in Australia suggested Passage House as a place to stay. Brilliant! While there we met Graham who was there at the time. We were considering our next week as we had nothing planned or booked and Graham suggested we contact our Exchange Company Dial An Exchange within the UK and access a bonus week, they recommended a resort in Wales. This was arranged within a couple of days and as it was unexpected and unplanned it certainly added to our trip. We plan to use Dial An Exchange again as soon as we have recovered from our England and Wales trip. I wonder what surprises we will discover next?

John & Helene Carter Australia

Review in the link below where Mr & Mrs Forman took 20 UK bonus weeks in 4 years! Also how Mr & Mrs Nell have taken 56 holiday weeks with Dial An Exchange.

More Dial An Exchange member examples of bonus weeks taken

Tips for taking bonus weeks with your main
affiliate Exchange Company RCI & Interval International

Most Timeshare owners will be assigned to either RCI or Interval International with access to RCI Instant Escapes and II Getaways:

  1. Make sure you are registered with either of their websites, and check their site frequently for “web only” deals. Members will receive emails to owners registered with their website.

    Ensure that you know how to work the key areas of your Exchange Company that’s usually RCI and Interval International. This is vital as I find that a high percentage of timeshare owners do not. They then may feel that there not getting the best out of their membership. So we need to do a little research with the articles provided to assist you within Timeshare Weekly. 
  2. Plan ahead as far as permitted. RCI for example sometimes will allow one full year in advance for booking of Escapes at deep discounts. When the price is high, wait until it drops, unless the week is within two months or so. If you are too late, use an Instant Escape.
  3. Be persistent – phone on a regular basis, establish good repore with the Exchange Club staff.  It also helps to have a variety of location options and dates. If a resort knows they are going to have a difficult time filling up the rooms during a particular time frame, they will offer discounted rates to owners.

Familiarise yourself with Independent
Exchange Companies.

There are a number of Independent Exchange Companies for example

UK Resort Exchange  SELECT membership Freezes Exchange rates at £50 for the first 5 years! UKRE are the only Exchange Company that specalise in UK Resorts. They also access weeks worldwide through their trading partners. Members have been know to obtain bonus weeks up to nine months out! Review UKRE Explained By Timeshare Weekly

If you are seeking UK weeks ensure that you check out UKRE.

Dial An Exchange members utilise Gold Advantage which provides priority access and a discount off most weeks. They have a good selection of bonus weeks. Review the article on Dial an Exchange Explained

Check with your Exchange Company if they too have this facility that allows a trusted guest to book their own bonus week like Dial An Exchange. The guest can't access any credits you may have banked (Unless you specifically allow this), but members of Dial An Exchange have unlimited access to bonus weeks and they your guests can really benefit from this.

For the price of 1-2 nights in a quality hotel they could virtually access accommodation anywhere in the world! All confirmations of any booking made are sent through to the Dial An Exchange member so you are kept up to date. What a great opportunity for an adult son and daughter to access.

Key Tip Dial An Exchange Bonus weeks Did you know you can pass on your Dial An Exchange membership details to a trusted guest and they could book a bonus week and pay D&E direct themselves at no cost to you or fuss. This is a major advantage as there is nothing more frustrating than trying to liaise with a guest to find out where they want to holiday and then what resort week might be more suitable. By the time they agree it's gone!

How to offset your overall maintenance costs

If bonus time is used extensively and wisely it can end up becoming more valuable than your original timeshare! The savings made at reduced rates have the potential to offset your annual maintenance fees. 

Do the research and make your timeshare bonus weeks work for you, your family and friends to maximum the benefits of timeshare. Ensure you review the articles on Timeshare exchange companies.

Remember to tell and show those close to you how to use bonus weeks through your membership. Your family and friends will have holidays that are affordable and memories that will last them a life time.

Authors Comments   

Bonus weeks are a great opportunity to introduce the positive aspects of timeshare to a whole new generation.

Identify what exchange companies may support your families holiday needs and learn how to trade through them by accessing the articles in Timeshare Weekly. 

Timeshare is a wonderful product as long as you own in the right way and work the system. Everybody needs a stress free holiday break. Lets make this work to everyones benefit.

Know your timeshare.

Best wishes and great holidays


Any typos, grammar and spelling mistakes are obviously deliberate and free as my gift to you.