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How To Sell Timeshare? We Will Show You How To Sell Timeshare.

You need to consider all your selling options so you can make an informed decision on what is, or are, the best methods for you to pursue when asking "How to sell timeshare."

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Answer this simple question and you could save thousands! 

The question I ask anyone considering selling timeshare. "After you no longer own timeshare do you still intend to holiday?

If your answer is YES you could save yourself a small fortune by first reviewing here

Before we start ensure you have reviewed the link above. It is important to consider all your selling options so you can make an informed decision on what is, or are, the best methods for you to pursue when asking yourself the question, how to sell a timeshare?

Timeshare Weekly will make available a number of suggestions dedicated to how to sell timeshare. Consider all your selling options when deciding on how to sell Timeshare.  The postcard option shown here is the first of many ideas that you can consider when selling your timeshare.  

The great news for timeshare owners wishing to sell is that the holiday marketplace is massive and Timeshare is only a small part of this. The holiday Industry is a multibillion-dollar Industry. Think about how many people take holidays?

It is important that you know the benefits that timeshare has to offer. Otherwise this will limit your selling opportunities review  Why Timeshare: Is It The Right Choice?

If non timeshare owners were aware that they could access unlimited luxery appartments for a week with a little knowledge for the price of the cost of 1-2 nights in a quality hotel room, do you think they would want to know more? 

Bonus weeks accessed via various exchange companies that can be FREE to join. If a prospective purchaser of your timeshare was shown how simple extra holiday weeks are to access without depositing any weeks/points do you not think they might be a little curious to find out more?

This is a link you could use to explain the concept of accessing extra holidays beyond the timeshare that you own bonus weeks - timeshares best kept secret!

We will show you in future articles how you can promote your timeshare outside of the Timeshare community as your find Resale Companies and Resorts are mainly promoting to fellow timeshare owners. Lets see how we may interest non timeshare owners so that they may wish to consider ownership of your timeshare.

Before you consider selling review your contract. Your timeshare company will have rules about sales and you will probably have a transfer fee to pay. Ensure you contact your timeshare company and find out their policies on resale before you start considering selling your timeshare. You need to have everything in place prior to promoting your timeshare. 

Coming soon we will have an area called 'Resorts Making It Work' within this will be a section suggesting how resorts can promote and sell on behalf of their owners.

When promoting your timeshare, it pays to ensure that you are using as many options available to you as possible to promote your timeshare to a prospective new owner. Let me introduce to you one of many  - 'The Postcard'.

You need to find out how to make your timeshare more attractive. There are free to join Independent Exchange Companies view here

This postcard size advert is there to stimulate interest to a prospective new owner. We will show you ideally what to put on your postcard to stimulate interest?

The Postcard is simple and allows those interested to obtain more information without any pressure. The right format will allow them to warm to your offer as they follow through and obtain more information via your information sheet.

Note Timeshare Weekly shall be providing you with more in-depth information in a future article with regard to some questions ypu may have and how to promote your Postcard below. 

  • How to use the Internet to assist your promotional postcard.  Links within your postcard can provide additional information.
  • Why not email your postcard so that your contacts  can open your postcard live and access the live links.  Or, they can open or simply download the postcard to put up on local notice boards.  They can also forward on to friends
  • What should I put in the information sheet that those interested will request?
  • If my contact is a non-timeshare owner, how can I get them to understand timeshare?
  • What should I include on my postcard? Whats my Unique Selling Point?
  • Where can I promote my postcard using my Unique Selling Point?
  • The beauty of a simple post card is that  you can carry this around with you and it allows you to promote your timeshare when opportunity presents. Why not ask friends to promote this on any notice board they have access too. There are shop windows, perhaps even at your resort.

Did you know? There are people out there who would happily like to own your Timeshare if they knew the benefits to them.

Did you know?

There are people out there who would happily like to own your Timeshare if they knew the benefits available to them.

When you first bought your Timeshare

Do you remember when you first bought your timeshare or points. Back then, you were happy with what you bought. You were happy with what you paid. You were happy that it represented good value for money. Most timeshare owners agree with these statements.

Most have had great holidays and if not then we have found sadly a high percentage of timeshare owners were never shown what was available to them to really work their timeshare. Nothing has changed with the concept of timeshare 

You may have your reasons for selling, but there are people out there who would happily like to own your Timeshare if they could see advantages in timeshare that would benefit them. Review testimonials of timeshare owners who are working the system to suit their holiday style.

If the reason you wish to sell  is beyond a lifestyle challenge, then it is not relevant to the prospective new owner of your timeshare. We all holiday differently with different perceptions of what makes a good holiday to us and what we see as value. As mentioned, in most instances the new prospective owner may be able to access a different Exchange Company than what you use to suit his or her own style of holiday. 

The Internet opens up a whole new world to those prospective new owners of your timeshare if they are prepared to do some simple homework. Timeshare Weekly has made articles freely available to assist those who are prepared to help themselves. More articles will follow to ensure that we make the most effective use of our timeshare.   

Timeshare Weekly will explore the two main options that you will have when considering selling your timeshare

'Some Timeshare owners have gone from Company to Company trying to sell their Timeshare!' Timeshare Weekly will enable you to consider all your options

1) You are happy to consider a personal approach to selling by yourself with the opportunity of a better return if you treat this like a little mini project. You just want to made aware of what options you have and what method you would feel comfortable with. 

2) If you want someone to do all the work for you we need to identify the best pro-active medium for you to consider. It is not just important to find a reputable Resale Company, but a Resale Company that can show proven succesful results promoting and selling timeshares. it's important to know how they will support your sale and what questions you need to know to ask them.

A postcard sales aid to assist you is a simple concept that you could personally use to help promote your timeshare. Below is a suggested format you could follow.                                                                                


Stop trying to “list” your timeshare for sale

Services that offer timeshare resale ads for an upfront fee don’t take an active role in selling your timeshare

Timeshare Weekly will be supplying you with a number of links that you will be able to use freely in the near future to help you promote your timeshare. 

Best wishes and great holidays!


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