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UKRE Explained by Timeshare Weekly

UK Resort Exchange

Interview by Timeshare Weekly with Ann Blyth of UKRE (UK Resort Exchange)

Thank you Ann for sharing your time with Timeshare Weekly. Let me see if I have done my homework. I understand that UKRE has been established since 1991 and that makes UKRE the third oldest exchange company in the world. In that time UKRE have provided thousands of holidays to its members in both the UK and abroad.

Did you know?
Did you know that UKRE have the lowest exchange rates in the world!

A question I have to ask is what made you decide to specialise in UK holidays more than 27 years ago? This was bucking the trend back then as people seemed to be buying into the dream holiday abroad?

This initially came about as at the time we had two large USA based Exchange Companies that appeared to cater more for its folk in the USA. Folks in the UK never seemed to be able to access inventory in their own country!

This has never been more true than in the last few years. We have an ever increasing aging population with mature recycled teenagers in the UK overseas travelling is not an attractive proposition for a lot of folk. This can be expensive with medical cover, car insurance, special needs may need to be considered, flights maybe a challenge. There comes a stage in life when you want a hassle free holiday.

UKRE prides itself on being flexible as well as maintaining low costs which are long serving members appreciate.

Ann –This has been never more the case than today’s current events where people prefer staying in the UK and of course it’s more economical for UK families.

Ann The UK holiday industry is on the increase with tourism and our own domestic market has become more demanding for UK families and that has a direct impact on the purse strings. We are here to help cater for that demand by offering additional holiday experiences by offering more options to holiday in the Lodge and Caravan Parks in many more different locations that offer Pet Friendly and Child Friendly environments.  We are always looking at how we can add more value FOR our members so we will be introducing new Membership Benefits so watch this space.  

 Interview with Ann Blyth the founder of UKRE 

Ann Blyth and her husband Gerry

Ann Blyth and her husband Gerry

Timeshare Weekly - What would you say was the strengths of UKRE?  

Ann First and foremost, I decided that I was in this for the long haul. It was not just a business to me I consider my members as my friends. I have been in the industry since 1986 and since 1991 I have been working with UK resorts ensuring that UKRE members have a personalised service and one they could trust with old fashioned values.

Did you know?

UKRE guarantee a UK exchange in return for a UK week deposited

We focused on a number of key areas that would be of real benefit to our members to help ensure that we maintained a loyal member base by catering to their holiday requirements. I am proud to say that some of our members have been with us for twenty years. In fact, David Rendle was my first ever UKRE member and he's still active today enjoying his holidays with us.

Ann What springs to mind first is flexibility and keeping the expenses down with a friendly service. There are 4 areas that I feel are unique to UKRE.

  1. UKRE are the only Exchange Company that guarantees a UK exchange in return for a UK week deposited.
  2. UKRE have worked hard to ensure that we have the lowest exchange rates and costs within the UK. With No hidden charges!
  3. UKRE also provide a unique cost effective upgrade service that is available to our members on a year-by-year basis. This applies regardless if you have a low season week and you require a higher demand time or if you have a studio and require extra bedroom(s)
  4. UKRE allow our members to deposit their week(s) for a 5-year period and this can be extended

Timeshare Weekly - Can you tell us about your free membership at UKRE?

Ann - New members registering with UKRE have the choice of taking a two-year free membership with exchange fees currently at £78. New members must deposit a week to take advantage of free membership. After two years you can opt for a five-year membership at £150 as a SELECT member

SELECT membership is an exclusive membership for timeshare owners that primarily wish to holiday in the UK. We are proud to say it allows UK member's access to what is possibly the lowest exchange fees worldwide! 

There is a good argument to take advantage of the SELECT Membership. The fee is £150 for SELECT membership that covers 5-years membership. Then a greatly reduced fixed exchange fee of £50 per exchange week for the duration of your membership.

“We at UKRE believe in a personal service and mainly prefer speaking to our clients to ensure that we are able to recommend and cater for our members individual needs.

Timeshare Weekly – So please tell us how does the exchange system work with UKRE?

Ann - UKRE Members can place requests either by telephone or email through their own account once they have joined. We advise that, to get successful exchanges, we ask members to be as flexible as possible and give a selection of dates and areas. Those who ask for one particular resort and give only one date severely limits their options.

It must be noted that the majority of weeks being deposited by members are never seen on the website as they are allocated to those members who have already placed a request and deposited their week with UKRE. The weeks shown on the Website are weeks that have not been requested by UKRE members. On occasions because of this not very much availability may be shown.

This is the reason why we always strongly recommend that members always request rather than depend on what's shown on the website as this does not give a true reflection of the weeks passing through the system. By requesting early UKRE can get down to work with their Trading Partners throughout the world and many exchanges are achieved this way.

We are known for providing UK holiday accommodation but Members have enjoyed holidays in destinations such as the USA where a firm favorite is Orlando, New Zealand, Spain, Canaries, Mexico, South Africa, to name but a few. This is ideal for members to who have retained their weeks in the bank saving them for a longer International Holiday. 

As an owner of a timeshare week, you have the right to access additional Independent Exchange Companies like UKRE. We believe that we add an extra option especially where members require access to the UK.

Timeshare Weekly Finally tell us a little more about your rental support for owners that may wish to rent out their timeshare, caravan or lodge. 

Ann This is a new Owner Rental Website fully serviced to meet the needs of Timeshare Owners, Holiday Resorts, Private Holiday Homes & Caravan & Lodge Holiday Parks.

We have the advantage of being established for over 27 years in the holiday industry. We have affiliations and connections worldwide so our promotion of your weeks will go beyond our rental website.


Happy couple on a late break

Timeshare Weekly On behalf of Timeshare Weekly we would like to thank you for your time, Ann, and we wish you every success with UKRE. 

Ann - This is a great Industry and every day is a fun day. Thank you it's been a pleasure.

Yours truly,

Ann Blyth

 P.S See what one of our members had to say after 20 years with UKRE.

Testimonial - I have used UK Resort Exchange since joining (as a life member) in 1997 having previously being with RCI with, shall we say, mixed results.

Over the years I have had very varied exchanges both in accommodation type and location, but I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed nor dissatisfied with any of these exchanges. We have had detached bungalows, superb apartments and more conservative type properties in Wales, The Lakes, Devon and other Coastal and inland areas. These have all been arranged by telephone with either the Proprietor- Ann Blyth or one of her assistants. If the phone is engaged a return call has always been made and I can say that the personal attention has always been very helpful and friendly. It is a pleasure to deal with this company- something I cannot say always applies to other companies.

I can wholeheartedly recommend UK Resort Exchanges!

If I can supply any further information or be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Kindest Regards

Brian (Ward).

Any typos, grammar and spelling mistakes are obviously deliberate and free as my gift to you. 

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