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Budget Holidays In Timeshare How Holiday Breaks can Save Money

The next 10 minutes could save you a fortune in holidays.

At the request of timeshare owners I have researched how you can holiday on a budget by making your timeshare work for you. There may just be one or two tips your use, but they are all geared to showing you how you can save while using timeshare.

If you have already used your holiday time in timeshare have you considered a bonus week? There are some Exchange companies that allow you to access an extra week for what it could cost you to holiday for just one night in a nice hotel! Check out the bonus week article from various Exchange Companies within bonus weeks - timeshares best kept secret! . You dont have to deposit a week to aquire a bonus week.

Just one or two tips from here may not only save you money but could also show you how to plan a holiday to remember. A little research on local attractions and places to visit prior to your holiday can really help to make this a stress free experience.

During recessionary times we tend to cut back on the little luxuries of life.  One of the first things that we generally put off is our holiday time.

Whatever your circumstances a holiday is an essential stress breaker.  Do not sacrifice your holiday time, you will be surprised what great economical holidays you can have if you take the time out to plan them. There are great holidays to be had on a limited budget with a little planning in timeshare.

Review what you feel could make a difference in your holiday.

Plan your holiday like a mini project.  Your holiday needs to be planned otherwise you may make impulsive choices and that can be expensive!

Review below what you feel could make a difference in your holiday. Acting on just one of the key points mentioned could either save you money or add more value to your holiday experiences.

How to timeshare on a budget?

1) Travel costs:  Research timeshare holiday’s closer to home and put in a request with your timeshare Exchange Company for a more local resort.  You can save a fortune by holidaying nearer to home so forget flights and long distance driving.  This is an additional benefit you may not have considered.  The difference it makes to just have that shorter journey stress free!  Some of us may never have thought about what great holidays there are available closer to home.

For those who are still intending to fly  there will be an article soon on tips on how to reduce your flight costs.

2) Cook your own meals.  Apart from travelling costs this is one area that we have control over.  We can spend a fortune eating out during the course of our holiday.

Did you realise that if you budgeted £30/$40 day per adult for meals and £15/$25 per child per day the cost would be £210/$280 per adult for 7 days and for a child would be around £105/$175.

How much would that work out for you and your family?  How much money do we spend impulsively on fast food meals?

Now we know were not going to eat in the whole week or keep within those parameter’s of daily budgeting. However you get the idea with a little planning we could make a huge saving.  This would enable you to use those savings towards entertainment and fun times.

Now we know were going to eat out at times, but lets make them special.

Plan of action

  • Ensure you request a unit with a full kitchen.
  • Plan ahead prior to your holiday and take snacks and basic foods with you.  If not too far to travel you can take some frozen prepared meals in a cool bag.
  • Plan ahead of your holiday.  Find out where the local grocery store is and if practical call in there first prior to arriving at your resort.
  • Ensure when practicable to prepare packed lunches when leaving the resort.
  • Breakfast as far as holidays are concerned are the most important meal of the day.  Starting the day off with a breakfast before you leave your holiday accommodation will save you a small fortune over a week.

Inexpensive Eating  Plan a Picnic break: Take with you non-perishable staples for impromptu snacks and top these up from the local grocery shop.

Make a list, what’s important to you?

3) Entertainment:  This is another area where a huge saving can be made with a little forward planning.  Why not try to personalise the style of resort that you request to suit your holiday needs.  Most Resorts have some form of entertainment, leisure facilities and a swimming pool.

What’s important to you?  Get the family involved and come up with a list of ideal activities and attractions that you would all like to benefit from.

Google local attractions where you intend to holiday.  There are attractions and a restaurant that may promote discounts and deals on their websites.  Depends where you live some countries have visitors guides full of discounts and incentives to entice you to spend time with them. Check out Key tips at the bottom of the page for a major saving on attractions and eating out with discount vouchers you can download in the area you wish to holiday at.

Discounts.  Do you qualify for student, elderly, business, military or any other applicable discounts?

Speak to staff at your resort and locals.  They will know where the best deals in the area are.  Some of the best adventures can be had for free.  There are a number of good examples of this that maybe available to you.  Beaches, natural trails, some museums may have one day per week that they offer reduced fees.  Some of us may not appreciate how diverse some of these museums are. Review museums in the area you intend to holiday some are dedicated to children.

4) Holiday with family and friends. If you are using a timeshare property, you can access larger timeshares with extra beds.  Extend the invitation to travel with friends or family as this could help to offset some of the costs. Who needs an excuse to share quality time with family and friends.

Make sure before travelling with friends to discuss what interests you have in common. If it comes up that they want to visit some museums and art galleries and thats not of interest to you say so and plan to do your own thing while your friends visit theres. Simply work out when you need to do your seperate things and your all have a great time. 

5) Use public transportation.  Many resorts have a taxi service that can prove to be expensive.  Do your homework, check out local public services that you can access from your resort.  This information can be obtained on the Internet or by phone.

All major cities have their own public transportation network of trains, buses and subways.  The money spent accessing public transportation can produce some great savings and you may save by buying an all-access pass for the time you are holidaying.

There is no reason why you could not make substantial savings with timeshare holidays with a little planning.

Key Points

This needs to be worked like a mini project.  Plan ahead because this can be the difference between having a great holiday and a mediocre one.  Make this a holiday to remember!

Summary to ensure you make some great savings.

  • Plan to access a local resort and cook most of your own meals. 
  • Check out the entertainment on and off the resort and consider public transportation. 
  • If you have already used your timeshare then consider a bonus week. 
  • Review the article “Timeshare Availability: How to get the Best Exchanges?  Explore this article and you could dramatically improve your timeshare availability options.  Obtain your “free” report within this article about other Exchange Companies that may compliment your existing Exchange Company and provide you with other holiday options.

Make timeshare work for you.  A little knowledge and planning go’s a long way.

Key Tips

Tip 1) Pre-purchase tickets.  Buying tickets before you leave for your holiday can be another way to save money on attractions. 

Google “Groupon” you may already be accessing something like this. They offer up to 70% off on the best things to do, see, eat and buy in all the major cities in 46 countries around the world. There are some great savings on restaurants and attractions. A couple of months prior to your holiday enter the name of the area you are intending to holiday so you can access discount vouchers so you can start to accumulate some great coupon deals before you depart.

As an example we secured VIP front row seating on a Pirate show in Florida with Groupon that the kids will love and they get a guaranteed opportunity for them to  interact and be a part of the show if they wish

We save hundreds of pounds on most of our holidays by planning ahead. 

Planning ahead enables you explore what’s on offer within the area that you wish to holiday. A simple search for a tourist board within that country and area will enable you to plan ahead. I have found that you can miss sometimes some major attractions even local festivities taking place without a simple search 

Tip 2) Take a cooler bag. Ideally it needs to be big enough to hold a couple of day’s worth of food. If the day is planned use the cooler bag topped up with the days refreshments and this will cut back on those impulsive fast food purchases. If you intend to fly this could be used as a flight bag.

Tip 3) Bring a sharp knife or knife sharpener if you intend to spend some time in the kitchen

Tip 4) Take a Slow cooker this can be your best friend. While you’re out during the day your meal is cooking for you.

Tip 5) Contact the local tourism website or visitor’s center this is a great place to find out if there is an all-access travel pass for the city you’re visiting. They to will be great for more ideas on local attractions and deals available.

If you have any holiday saving tips please share them contact Graham via email

Very Best Wishes and Happy holidays


Any typos, grammar and spelling mistakes are obviously deliberate and free as my gift to you.