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Dial An Exchange Explained: How to Work Dial An Exchange

Holiday Exchanges Made Easy

Dial is free to join. Register through this article after Point 12 and obtain a £10 discount on your first exchange and learn how to really work the system.

There are no exchange companies or systems that suit everyone. 

* If you are not a member of Dial An Exchange, read on so that you can consider how they could complement your holiday style.

* For an existing member of Dial An Exchange, this article will ensure that you will be making more effective use of your exchange program.

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The History

Dial An Exchange started in Australia in 1997 by Francis Taylor and Marc Chouniard. The operation was extended to Europe in 1999, and subsequently to USA, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Thailand China and recently to Italy and Bulgaria. Today, the company is approaching 400,000 members. They are arguably the third largest exchange company in the World.

The Company’s “Goal” was to design an exchange system that was easy to use, cost effective and flexible. You put a week into their system and you take a week out.

The key word to describe Dial An Exchange is simplicity! With no complicated rules or trading powers there’s just a simple ‘week-for-week’ exchange.

The Dial An Exchange website shows exactly what weeks are available to access and reserve. Bookings can be made via their user-friendly telephone service or you can book online 24/7. There are no upfront fees. Their low exchange fee is payable only upon booking confirmation.

1) Who can join Dial An Exchange?

As an owner of a timeshare week, you have the right to use any service you want. You will find that your resort is usually affiliated to either RCI or Interval International, but you can also join any of the other Independent Exchange Companies. It is then up to you to decide who you deposit your week with.

The key word to describe Dial An Exchange is simplicity! With no complicated rules or trading powers there’s just a simple ‘week-for-week’ exchange.

2) How the exchange works?

  • The timeshare week you put in, regardless of its size and time of the year, allows you to take out a week that can also be for any time of year, any size and in any location. You can either deposit your week first for a 3-year credit or search first for an exchange you'd like and then deposit your week.
  • When you deposit a week you are entitled to any week in the system. For example you could put in a low season studio week and request a sleep six apartment.
  • There is no need to deposit your week first. You can request first and deposit when your holiday week becomes available.
  • There are no upfront fees. The exchange fees are based on your country of residence. They are by far the lowest Exchange Fees when comparing those of the larger Exchange Companies in a week’s system.
  • Dial An Exchange works with trading partners to try to get the weeks that match your requests.

3) Dial An Exchange Testimonials click here to find out more from DAE members. It gives you information on why they became members and what they found useful?

Porthouse“We were recommended Dial an Exchange by other owners at The Lakelands and we tried them and came up trumps. All the staff are very helpful. We feel valued as people. Everyone we speak to seems genuinely interested in our needs and requests and there is a sense that we are dealing with a workforce that operate like a big family. We like the fact that there is no annual joining fee and we only pay when we are actually booking something. We have never experienced any problems with Dial an Exchange and the standard of service has been excellent and very efficient”.

 Cannon Clive Porthouse

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4) What is Gold Advantage Service and what benefits are available to me.

The main benefit to members of Gold Advantage is the “Priority Request Service”. The Gold Advantage Service enables you to leave a request  and provides an advanced notification of all weeks deposited into the Dial An Exchange system, which fulfill the member’s request. This is prior to weeks being listed on the website for all general members to see and request. All members of the Gold Advantage Service get £10 off all long haul exchanges and all bonus weeks.

The Gold Advantage Service has a low annual subscription. For just £35.00 per year

Gold Advantage Benefits

  • Holidays that match your request placed on hold for you.
  • Priority wait list system for popular dates and resorts (e.g. UK school holidays)
  • A phone call or email from as soon as a holiday that matches your requirements is deposited into the system.
  • An unlimited number of requests.
  • Priority access to newly deposited weeks.
  • Weeks sourced from trading partners to fulfill your requests.
  • £10.00 discount off every Bonus Week you take
  • £10.00 discount off each Long Haul exchange week you take.
  • 51.02% discount on credit extension fee to extend your credit beyond 3 years. (Save £25.00) NEW
  • Free Name Change. (Save £25.00) NEW
  • 10.0% discount on European Resort Rentals and Options Rentals. NEW
  • Gift Card Purchase for £99.00. (Save £30.00) NEW
  • Any exchange to Asia for just £59.00. (Save £40.00) NEW
  • Any exchange to an all-inclusive resort in Caribbean, Mexico or Brazil for just £29.00. (Save £70.00) NEW

Gold Advantage saves you having to continually check our availability. They contact you when the holiday you want is deposited. The sooner you make your requests, the more holiday opportunities you will be offered.

Note the majority of weeks being deposited by members are never seen on the website as they are allocated to those members who have placed a request via Gold Advantage. The weeks shown on the Website are weeks that have not been requested by Gold Advantage members. 

Dial An Exchange doesn't have a membership fee so it makes them quite economical to use alongside RCI or II membership.

5) How will I be contacted if I have left a request on?

This service enables you to leave a request on if the holiday you have enquired about is currently unavailable.

  • When a week becomes available which matches your request, you be will be emailed and telephoned. Dial An Exchange also text members if the booking is fairly last minute.
  • If Dial An Exchange has some peak, last minute availability for which they have had lots of requests and not enough time to contact people individually, they will send out a mass UK text to Gold Advantage members with a matching request so that it is sold on a first come, first served basis.

5) What is a credit?

When you deposit a week and don’t take a week out, you receive a credit for a week that you can take within three years.

6) I own prime time, could I get more credits for this?

If you deposit a week in a two-bedroom (or larger) property in high season, then you get 2 credits instead of one. This is to encourage deposits when there is the greatest demand for exchange weeks.


Europe: (Excluding Canary Islands and Ski Resorts); the last week of July and all of August.

Canary Islands and Madeira: the last week of July, all of August, Christmas and New Year weeks.

Ski resorts in Europe (excl. Scotland) and North America: Christmas and New Year weeks, the last two weeks of February, all of March and the first week in April.

North America (excluding Florida and ski resorts): the last week of July and all of August.

Florida and the Caribbean: Christmas and New Year weeks, the last 2 weeks of February, the first week in March and the 2 weeks either side of Easter weekend.

Sometimes Dial An Exchange do promotions for 2 credits particularly for UK availability.

Do your adult children know about this! Did you know you can pass on your membership details to a trusted guest and they could book a bonus week and pay D&E direct themselves at no cost to you.

7) What Are Bonus Weeks and How Do They Work?

These are additional holiday weeks that you can rent without depositing a week. The bonus weeks are available from 2 days – 3 months depending where in the world you wish to holiday. Generally in Europe this is about six weeks. The bonus weeks are updated on a regular basis and you can take as many as you want. “Bonus weeks are unlimited”.Find out more about bonus weeks here bonus weeks - timeshares best kept secret!

There is an example below of the March Dial An Exchange monthly newsletter offer to their members. This just highlights bargain get away bonus breaks in the UK from £159 (sterling) for a full weeks accommodation with no deposit required in April and May.

Loch RannochWhitbarrow Village, Lake District,

Tresco, isles of Scilly,

Devoncourt, Devon

Aleron, Cornwall

Canal Boat, Leicestershire

Seasons at laugharne Park, Wales,

Scandinavian Village, Aviemore

Lochanully, Carrbridge, Scotland

Every month members receive a newsletter offering special deals. To get an idea of the type of offers members receive, review a sample monthly newsletter filled with bargain breaks available Worldwide to their members.

Dial An Exchange is rather like a “Pay As You Go” scheme If you don’t use Dial An Exchange it costs you nothing. It is free to register so you won’t be charged for anything until you are ready to make your 1st Exchange or use a bonus week.

Do your adult children know about this! Did you know you can pass on your membership details to a trusted guest and they could book a bonus week and pay D&E direct themselves at no cost to you.

For the price of 1-2 nights in a quality hotel they could virtually access accommodation anywhere in the world! All confirmations of any booking made are sent through to you the member so you are kept up to date. What a great opportunity for an adult son and daughter to have access too.

8) How much does it cost to join?

Dial An Exchange doesn't have a membership fee so it makes them quite economical to use alongside RCI or II membership.

9) So if there are no joining fees how do DAE generate revenue?

This is mainly via their exchange fees and rentals.

Upgrade Fees may apply
This upgrade policy is applicable for members depositing a week with a check-in between 1st November - 19th December and 1st January - 15th March in the following locations:

•    Mainland Spain
•    The Balearics
•    Malta
•    Scotland (excluding resorts: Hilton Coylumbridge, Hilton Craigendarroch, Hilton Dunkeld, Cameron House, The Carrick, Kilconquhar Castle and Auchrannie Country Club)
•    Members with Cape Verde deposits will be subject to an upgrade fee at all times.

For such deposits, the member will receive an ‘off-season’ credit. An off-season credit can be utilised at the standard low cost exchange fee for the following destinations and times of year:
•    Anywhere in Europe (excluding the Canaries, Madeira and Ski Resorts) between 1st November and 15th March inclusive.
•    Any long-haul destination (outside of Europe) at any time of year.
•    Any exchange to the Canary Islands in May or June.
For exchanges outside of the above locations and dates, a small Seasonal Upgrade fee of £40.00 will be applicable.

10) What about if I need to book flights?

Members can book their own flights or can obtain quotes for flights including car hire or transfers through the Travel Shop Link on the Dial An Exchange website.

There is a “window” opportunity to hold a week until 12 noon the next day, if you phone Dial An Exchange, or you can hold it until midnight the same day if you do this via their website. This enables you to check out flight prices to get a feel for the overall cost of your holiday. If for whatever reason, it works out that flights to this destination, at this time work out to be expensive, you can always let the week go within these time frames and request a more suitable alternative.

11) Dial An Exchange keep you informed and updated.

Dial An Exchange provide an e-news letter to participating members giving special offers and advising people of new availability and resorts once a month.

They also write to all members 3 or 4 times a year to update them on Dial An Exchange news and special offers and in addition all active members get a copy of their holiday Access magazine that is usually published twice a year. The current magazine and back issues can also be viewed online.

Register on Timeshare Weekly and explore their very simple website.

12) No Restrictions.

There are no joining fees, no guest fees, no upfront fees, and there are no sales presentations to be attended. There is no need to deposit your week until you have the holiday week that you want.

DAE is rather like a “Pay As You Go” scheme

If you don’t use Dial An Exchange it costs you nothing. It is free to register so you won’t be charged for anything until you are ready to make your 1st Exchange. So explore the website and its FAQ. By registering it will allow you to access and see what is available as well as bonus weeks availability.

You may be pleasantly surprised and Dial An Exchange may have just the holiday you are seeking amongst its bonus weeks or you may consider exchanging your week.

Dial an Exchange has offered a reduction of £10 off your first exchange or bonus week holiday to non-members. The £10 discount is only available when clicking through this link below. When on the website, have a look around and register free of charge, so you become a member and see their availability and bonus weeks.

You can register now and, if you decide to take a bonus week or exchange at some stage in the future, you will still get your discount.

If you click elsewhere, unfortunately it will not register that you came via Timeshare Weekly and the discount won’t be available.

DAE Website

Once you enter the Dial An Exchange website the three links as shown below are the key areas that will list all the holiday weeks that are currently available. This is updated on a regular basis as new holiday weeks become available.

1) Search Exchange availability

Review this link on the Dial An Exchange website and this will enable you to see what’s available if you decide to obtain a week beyond a couple of months. These weeks require you to deposit a week of your own.

2) Search Bonus week’s availability

If there are no Dial An Exchange members wishing to exchange into weeks that have been deposited, they make them available to Dial An Exchange club members, and their family and friends for "last minute" rental at very low cost. All prices are per property per week. You do not need to deposit a week to take advantage of these bonus weeks. However, you do need to be a Dial An Exchange Club Member. If you can holiday at short notice, these bonus week rentals offer a real bargain. “Bonus weeks are unlimited as you can book as many as you want during the year”.

3) Search rental weeks availability

These are non-timeshare properties available for rent at deeply discounted prices to Dial An Exchange members only.

Help your friends benefit from the knowledge that there is another option for them to explore when considering their future holidays.

Authors Comments

The concept of Timeshare Exchange and accessing additional bonus weeks makes timeshare a great industry.

Dial An Exchange could be a welcome addition to your existing holiday program if it is worked effectively. I believe that, by investigating the Dial An Exhange system, you should consider the Gold Advantage Service. The request and search facility is good value if used correctly.


I have met and spoken to a number of very happy Dial An Exchange members. I have also met those who have not taken the time out to understand this simple system. You won’t get the best out of any Exchange Company if you are only passively reviewing the information.

It’s like owning a car and not passing your driving test, trying to get from A-B with your  'L' plates on and everyone is going to pass you by and get there first. So ensure you do a little homework. A little knowledge goes a long way.

Keeping you informed. Use the link below to forward Timeshare Weekly to a friend. By timeshare owners assisting each other and sharing ideas we can help shape the industry. As a collective we can make a difference.

Kind regards and happy holidaying!


Any typos, grammer and spelling mistakes are obviously deliberate and free as my gift to you.

Independent Holiday Consultant