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Buying a Holiday Product?

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Timeshare is a great concept and you will enjoy a lifetime of holidays as long as you own the right product to suit your holiday style and take the time out to do a little homework.

It must be noted that there is no substitute for a professional knowledgeable timeshare salesperson. There are professionals in timeshare who have their careers based around building a solid reputation with a good service and what's right for their clients.

Beach life

This is just a guide to help support your choice of timeshare ownership to assist you when making one of the most important decisions you could make for you and your family. That’s how best to spend quality time together with those you care about creating lasting memories and forming new friendships that could last a lifetime.

There are approximately 7,000.000 timeshare owners who access timeshare resorts in over a 100 countries. The facts speak for themselves the concept works with a little basic knowledge. 

To make the most effective use of this article we would suggest you access the links below and follow the agenda in the sequence as shown below 

Why own timeshare? Review the benefits that perhaps you have not considered! Compare hotel holidays and using the Internet and travel agencies to timeshare holidays.

What is the biggest mistake that timeshare owners make when purchasing timeshare. This reason alone from our experience is largely accountable for those timeshare owners who have challenges with their timeshare. Don’t make the same mistake!

What’s the best way for me to own timeshare? This is vital get this right and you will have quality holidays that will provide real value to you and your family for a lifetime.

What Exchange Company is best for me? There are a number of Exchange Companies? Did you know some are free to join and a number of timeshare owners are members of more than one Exchange Company at any one time?

Who should I buy from? Direct from the Resort, a Resale Company or privately from a timeshare owner?

Other considerations a selection of important questions you should be asking in this section.

Author’s comments

Holiday breaks are vital! They just don’t create that quality time with those you care about they create lasting memories that you can refer back to that no one can take away from you!

Professor Michael Norton at Harvard Business School made an interesting comment that has been summarised. "Happiness does not come about by buying stuff. That's a short term buzz its actually buying experiences that maximises happiness Timeshare Weekly believes that Timesharing with family can create experiences and memories that can last a lifetime. Quality time together strengthens the family bond.

Health benefits. Research has shown that time out is essential for your health. We underestimate how vital it is to take time out from the daily routine of life and there is no better way then accessing timeshare. Timeshare ensures you take take that time out. 

Timeshare is a great concept and you can look forward to years of excellent holidays with the right ownership that suits your holiday style.  The Exchange system is simple to understand and use, once the basic concepts are broken down and understood. 

It’s like riding a bike only this time Timeshare Weekly has put on the stabilizers to support you, so it all becomes very simple just like anything else that you learned for the first time.

In the forth coming Newsletter TME there are many suggestions to help you optimise your timeshare. We also welcome back your feedback and tips to support your fellow timeshare owners.

Recommend a Professional Sales Person/broker/company

There are some great sales people and Companies out there and let’s recognise them. If anyone has had good service from their Club/Resort, salesperson, Resale’s Broker or resort staff then lets acknowledge them so if you were assisted above and beyond your expectations, then please email direct so we can make this information available.

We will be happy to recommend the services of those as recommended by our readers.

I will follow up on your recommendations so please provide details. Let’s promote the good in timeshare. There are some unsung hero’s out there so let’s give them a mention here and help them build their careers. 

Kind regards and happy holidays


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