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What is the biggest mistake that timeshare
owners make when purchasing timeshare?

Assume nothing. If your mother says she loves you, check it out!

Most timeshare owners purchase a timeshare product without any real prior research. They can end up in front of a salesperson with no prior knowledge of timeshare. The salesperson will guide you and in most cases what they have to offer you will be ok as generally timeshare products are crafted to suit most holiday styles.

Some problems may arise if a timeshare owner has specific holiday requirements. As there are a percentage of timeshare owners who may just not be suited to the particular timeshare product they have initially selected. They did so without any real prior research and it may be a great product but perhaps it just does not suit their specific holiday style. 

We need to understand that every person is different, so what will generally work for most timeshare owners may not work for everyone. Perhaps there may have been a more suitable timeshare product for that timeshare owner. 

The problem is compounded because we buy and don’t read the contracts and just take on faith what we feel we might understand verbally. 

In fairness most past timeshare owners did not plan to attend a timeshare presentation or purchase a product. Most bought on emotion and of course as in all sales in any Industry you are rewarded for making a quick decision on the day. 

It would make sense from the resorts point of view that they have compatible members ideally suited to their product and resort. So lets help them!

That’s how most became timeshare owners. We buy on the day without any real research we buy on emotion! The problem with those timeshare owners who later become disenchanted with timeshare (that’s beyond a life style challenge) is for two reasons in my opinion

1) They did not do a little research before owning their timeshare and ask the right questions geared around how they holiday. Perhaps it’s a great product but it just does not allow them to holiday to suit their holiday style. 

The consumer in isolation away from the salesperson should review the timeshare contract. This is important so that if there are any grey areas or terms that need clarification then you list these and acquire the relevant information to ensure that you understand your contract. It is important that you understand your rights and that your ownership is clearly detailed in the contract.

Club Rules this is another area that needs to be looked through so you can determin who ultimately controls your club and what changes could be made. Is this a committee of owners or is this a Developer.

If this is not a simple matter that can be resolved then ask for your specific questions to be answered in writing on headed paper. 

If you are still not satisfied then seek professional clarification from an Independent professional body. It would also help if it were possible to communicate with genuine owners of this Timeshare Company that had actively used this product for 5 plus years. 

Check the Internet in this day and age if there are unhappy timeshare owners they will be seen on the Internet. Check out the dates and if this has been resolved or relevant to you. 

One size does not fit all and I believe that this may be the root cause for the smaller percentage of timeshare owners who may feel that timeshare is not working for them.

2) The second reason to my experience is that the majority who feel that timeshare is not working for them does not know how to use their membership effectively!

Timeshare owners wishing to know a little more sometimes have reservations approaching a sales company for advice on best use as usually any form of timeshare education has a timeshare sale wrapped around it somewhere.

If there is an article of 'advice' it is compromised as their promoting a product or their company that leads to a timeshare sale. Timeshare Weekly is here for you, as you will note there are no timeshare products or timeshare adverts on this website. Ensure that you read and take note of the articles that’s relevant to you and every holiday can become a dream holiday

It would make sense from the resorts point of view that they have compatible members ideally suited to their product and resort. So lets help them!

With a little research you can review ideally what’s the right way for you to own timeshare so you go out to buy and not to be sold too.

Timeshare is a great concept if we own the right product to suit our holiday style and you do your homework we will have excellent holidays that will last a lifetime.

In my opinion timeshare owners should consider those timeshare products that have a fair exit program. Ask the question of how you can exit your timeshare if for what ever reason you do not wish to sell your timeshare and request the answer back on headed paper.