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What is the best way for me to own a holiday product?

We have to appreciate that we all have different holiday expectations. My type of holiday may be very different to yours. So the answer is as individual as we are.

Lets consider some of the questions you should be asking yourself and explore your options so you can formulate an idea of what’s the right way for you to own timeshare.

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Below are two important questions you need to ask yourself first before
you decide what is the best way for you to own timeshare. Then you can explore further how to ideally identify what is YOUR ideal timeshare.

FIRST QUESTION “Do you want to access a specific location on a regular basis and may exchange your resort week only occasionally for another week elsewhere”. 

If that’s the case then it's important that you research a resort in the area that caters for your needs. Once you have identified a resort or resorts then in an ideal world it would pay you to visit the resort(s).

If you are considering a specific location and resort there is no one size that fits all of us. So depending on our holiday style we may search out and consider a dog friendly resort, perhaps a golf resort or a Skiing resort. What about a resort that may enable you to bird watch by an estuary or is near or in a safari? Do you have a young family? If so a resort that caters for this is important, what about a Disney resort or somewhere near the beach. It may be you might just wish to wake up every morning to the sound and views of the ocean.

Do you get the idea where all different and timeshare can cater for all of your tastes.

Then there may be a certain type of apartment you wish to own, perhaps it's disable friendly or you may wish to own a large apartment to accommodate a growing family or for friends to share this time with you. The view may play an important part of your holiday as you relax and take in the scenery. The list is endless as we all have different ideas about what makes a holiday special to us.

If all this is important to you that you own at a specific time of the year with the resort and apartment that ticks all the boxes for you then you will be expected to pay more for something that is a very personal choice and is important to you.

As mentioned if this is the case it is ideal to visit the resort that you feel will meet your needs to ensure that this timeshare ticks all your boxes.

SECOND QUESTION. “Do you not wish to go back to the same resort every year as you want to explore the world and its cultures”? 

If you primary want to use your resort for exchange purposes and you only may stay occasionally at your resort then you need to ideally own at a popular resort in a high demand time so that you have a high trading value.

Most of what's mentioned above in the FIRST QUESTION may also be relative as you may wish to access a Golf resort or a Skiing resort. Perhaps it may be a safari, maybe a Disney resort. You may wish to wake up every morning to the sound and views of the ocean. All this you want as well, BUT you want to visit different locations around the world to achieve this. 

If this is you then your likely to pay a lot less as it’s really only a high trading value you should be considering with a low maintenance. 

In both scenarios above you need to do your homework so you have a fair idea of how and where you want to own. This could be a very specific resort and location or a resort that has a high value that you can exchange worldwide. 

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