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What Exchange Company is best for me?

You will find that your timeshare is already likely to be affiliated with either RCI or Interval International. Some resorts are affiliated to both.

If you are considering a resort who the resort is affiliated too should not affect your primer consideration and that is selecting the resort of your choice. Experienced timeshare owners might have a preference of either RCI or Interval International. Coming soon RCI and Interval International

What should I choose a Points product or own a timeshare week? 

It is important that you ensure that you understand the basic key rules of exchange with your timeshare Management Company or Exchange Company first to ensure that you are working the system effectively.

I have found some timeshare owners not learning the basics with their existing exchange system. They then feel that it's not working effectively and then they start looking for alternative Exchange Companies. They then end up getting confused trying to access multiple Exchange Companies.

It is important that you review your Exchange System first and focus on the key areas here are the Top 4 tips to obtaining that dream exchange holiday

So ensure you do a little homework first and ask questions.

Perhaps you may be considering a Points based system. If so read this article on what is the difference between Points or Weeks  view here

Independent Exchange Companies

Review the FAQ in the link Independent Exchange Companies. There are several Independent Exchange Companies that you can access within this guide when you view here this will be updated on an ongoing basis.