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Who should I buy from?

Most timeshare owners initially bought from a resort

In our opinion consider buying from a resort for the following reasons; if you have a specific type of timeshare resort in mind and especially a resort you would like to holiday at on a regular basis, then a meeting at the resort should be considered. Ensure you have a good idea of what you want and ask set questions with a budget in mind. There are sometimes extra benefits if you buy direct from a reputable Timeshare Resort/Group and they may also have special bonuses that you can enjoy within their associated timeshare resorts. 

The resort will be able to show you around so you will be able to see first hand the resorts facilities and their apartment.s You will have access to all documentation including the club rules. Ensure you read the club rules and the contract when purchasing if you don't understand something seek clarification or seek advice.

If you have a specific resort in mind and have chosen your ideal dream apartment with all the features that will add more value to your holiday time and you have a great view. Then it is expected that you will pay more at the resort you have chosen. 

This is all down to what we individually want and what we see as value for money in terms of our holiday requirements. Do not compromise your holidays for a little saving! Timeshare is a great medium and you will have a lifetime of great holidays as long as you own to suit your holiday style.

Consider buying from a Resale Company In our opinion if you have experience of timeshare or have acquired sufficient knowledge of what you want to buy and your timeshare is just going to be used primarily for exchange purposes  than ideally you are looking for a popular resort in high demand time with a low maintenance.

If thats the case a recommended Resale Company is worthy of consideration and will be cost effective as the previous owner would usually have paid a substantial sum of money for their timeshare originally. 

Ensure you do your own background checks if you have a resort in mind prior to contacting a reputable Resale Company. It is unlikely that the Resale Company will be able to provide you with specific details about the apartment and the views or a floor plan. This would only be important if you intend to use your resort week on a regular basis.

You should also have a list of questions to ask, as the Resale Company has to be guided by you.

Purchasing privately from a timeshare owner this usually will involve a third party perhaps their solicitor or a closing company who will be used to hold their deeds an use an escrow account where any monies that pass hands is held. Verification will be required of ownership and that the timeshare is available to access or use. Request club rules and any photograph, as the owner is likely to have these or could obtain them.

Note This area will be updated to provide you with more information.