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How To Sell Timeshare? Read This First It Could Save You A Fortune.

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Please read on here with an open mind how you could save a fortune, but take into account that Timeshare Weekly has nothing to gain whether you sell or keep your timeshare. You will note that Timeshare Weekly has no timeshare products for sell so we are only here for the timeshare consumer. 

We of course have no idea what timeshare product you own and you're holiday style or your reason for wishing to sell your timeshare. 

We do however know after asking this question to timeshare owners "after you no longer own timeshare do you still intend holiday?" And if the answer is YES a high percentage of timeshare owners who consider opting out of timeshare changed their mind after reviewing the facts and actually worked out that they would be worse off by coming out of timeshare for a number of reasons (we're not just talking financial) 

Top eight reasons why timeshare owners changed their minds and
had not considered these surprising facts before review here

Ensure you have read the link above you maybe surprised at the feedback from timeshare owners. There could be something that you’re missing out on!  Perhaps the real reason for wanting to sell is that you are not using your timeshare effectively and do not feel you are getting value or for some reason your unable too use your timeshare, as it does not seem to currently fit your holiday style.

If nothing else this link will help you to understand a benefit to a potential prospect who may wish to own your timeshare that you will now be able to put across as a real positive to own timeshare. If you have not checked out the link above do so now review here

Could this be you?

So please stay here for a moment and humor me. At one stage you probably paid a lot of money for your timeshare so let’s not forget that. For one moment lets leave behind your reasons why you may wish to sell as we might be emotionally attached to this. Spend the next five minutes with me and you may still wish to sell for your reasons or you might just save yourself a small fortune in future holiday costs. 

For example other timeshare owners I met that sold their timeshare sometime back had come to regret their decision. For some reason they got involved in timeshare again and they discovered that they did not simply know how to use their former timeshare or were not shown how to work the system.

They paid good money years ago and as good as thrown that money away by selling/disposing of their timeshare prematurely without examining all the facts. Lets make sure that your selling/disposing of your timeshare is the right thing for you to do.

Some timeshare owners changed their minds when they were shown how to make more effective use of their affiliated Exchange Company Review your affiliated Exchange Company RCI and Interval International. 

If after reviewing your affiliated exchange company and you still feel that timeshare is not offering you value for money then investigate other existing exchange companies that maybe better suited to your holiday style. 

Perhaps you just need to review and consider
other Independent Exchange Companies? 

Even if you are a point’s owner some Independent Exchange Companies will allow you to join and access their bonus weeks. Surely this has got to be worth investigating? With bonus weeks as a timeshare owner you don't have to deposit a week or points you just pay a very discounted bonus fee. Where else can you and your family obtain quality accommodation for a week from just £129/$160? Review Bonus weeks the Industries best kept secret.

Lets look at some of the reasons you might have for selling

1) NO EXIT STRATEGY Were you told by a salesperson and shown news reports that all timeshare in general will become a liability and that your children will have to inherit your timeshare?

This is usually unlikely the case and I have known timeshare owners to be talked out of their timeshare when a resort would have just accepted their timeshare back when they wanted to exit. Instead they felt pressured to sell prematurely or part-exchange. If you are concerned and have been told that your timeshare has no exit strategy then review here.

2) OVERALL OUR TIMESHARE COSTS SEEM TO HIGH Do you consider that your overall annual fixed fees no longer reflect good value? Let me show you here how you could reduce your overall timeshare and holiday costs  review here

3) ARE YOU CONFUSED ABOUT TIMESHARE? Do you find your timeshare confusing and frustrating? Most timeshare owners paid good money for their timeshare. Before you consider selling your timeshare carefully research this by reviewing these articles in Timeshare Weekly.

As mentioned Timeshare Weekly has NOTHING to gain from encouraging you to keep your timeshare. We can not possibly know what you own or your preferred holiday style, but our experience tells us that most times the reason for us wishing to sell our timeshare revolves around timeshare owners not being aware of how to effectively work their timeshare. Review this article confused and feeling overwhelmed

We just know that if you have the right timeshare product to suit your holiday style you will have holidays that will last you a lifetime with all the advantages that timeshare can bring with a little homework.

4) Lastly just maybe you have outgrown your current timeshare product or it no longer matches your holiday style.

Then there may be a reason to carefully consider a Timeshare Upgrade so you stay within timeshare, but access a product more suitable that matches your holiday style 

Make sure you have genuinely explored the first four areas above before considering this. 

It is important to establish a clear idea of what benefits are necessary for you and your family to enjoy your future holidays in timeshare.

Perhaps you have a high maintenance that does not reflect as good as value as other timeshare products. Ensure you evaluate this area carefully and consider all associated costs. review here

Maybe your product has a poor trading value review here

Some owners no longer wish to own abroad and would prefer to own in their country of residence and just pay a tank of petrol as a preference to a flight review here

Perhaps your timeshare product does have some restrictive covenant your unhappy with review here

What ever the reason perhaps its worth considering an upgrade. 

There is no substitute for you carrying out your own due diligence. You do not have to make up your mind straight away an offer however tempting will still be available.

Review the forthcoming article that will be available soon “Considering timeshare?”

I may upgrade my timeshare what do I need to consider?

  • Review all your reasons for upgrading and ensure it’s really worth considering. The main objective is to ensure that you are able to take the holidays that you desire and this reflects value to you. 
  • If it’s because you have a low trading week ensure that you’re upgraded week has a far greater trading power and this can be proved to you.
  • Make sure that the timeshare you have part-exchanged is going to be transferred out of your name and that the company you are dealing with is a reputable trusted source even better if they come recommended to you. 
  • Ensure you are familiar with the relevant timeshare act that relates to the country that you are purchasing in. Mexico’s rules and regulations will be different to that of a timeshare was purchased in Europe for example. Some countries will have cooling notices from as little as a couple of days to 14 days. Some Clubs in some countries have no cooling off notice and the timeshare act is relevant to the country you purchase in not where you are resident. 
  • Take the time to ensure that you are happy with the club rules of your timeshare and that there is no restriction that you are unhappy with and you can access multiple Exchange Companies if you have a need.

Are you considering a resort closer to home?

Timeshare weekly are finding that more mature timeshare owners are considering an upgrade into the country they are resident in. We feel that there would be some benefit in visiting the resort that you are considering and checking out your choice of apartments. Perhaps the views and facilities would be important to you and of course the location.

Ask what exit strategy your intended timeshare has if your circumstances change. Do you have to give notice, will the company take the week back, and do they have an active Resale’s program 

Timeshare is a great Industry with a wonderful concept if you own the right product to suit your holiday style. It just has to be worked with a little knowledge.

We don't want our readers having spent a great deal of money for their timeshare wanting out and it just came down to not being shown how to use their timeshare or they may need to consider an upgrade to access timeshare holidays more relevant to their holiday style. 

Thank you for taking the time to read the information. If you have reviewed this section and feel it is still within your interests to leave timeshare go back to the section how to sell your timeshare. Please note we will be adding more ideas on selling timeshare. 

Thank you for taking the time to read the information.

Best wishes,



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