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Timeshare Evolving in the 21st Century.

I have been approached about a Points membership what is the difference between Points or Weeks view here

here is no doubt that, with extra knowledge and if you own the right timeshare product to suit your holiday style, you can enjoy holidays that last a lifetime. Timeshare is a great concept that can adapt to suit your changing lifestyle. 

If you are considering timeshare, Timeshare Weekly will give you the opportunity to review timeshare objectively.  This is a free website offering timeshare advice that does not allow timeshare advertising and does not have any timeshare products for sale.

Timeshare owners have stated that membership offers the opportunity to see different cultures and to experience and do things you would not normally be able to afford. Timeshare offers quality accommodation. A high percentage of timeshare owners have reflected on the fact that it makes you take that important holiday break and share quality time with those you care for.

For those that feel that your not making the best use of your timeshare, than its time to Re-discover Timeshare.

If you do not feel you are achieving holiday results like those timeshare owners,  please review their testimonials to find out what they are doing differently within their Exchange Company(s). Please read some of our testimonials.

Timeshare Weekly provides you with links to help you identify what is relevant to you within this free website, which will be constantly evolving  and a new format is being launched soon.

For example explore your holiday options and find out how you can book friends and family so they too can benefit from those great holidays for the price of one night in a quality hotel room!! bonus weeks - timeshares best kept secret!

If you don't understand these 10 key points your never truely appreciate what benefits timeshare provides you.  Why Timeshare: Is It The Right Choice?

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Timeshare Weekly will be launching a new look that will allow the timeshare owner easy, clear access to what is relevant to their timeshare needs. This will enable you to visit 21 different areas. This includes all established exchange companies, how to use timeshare effectively, Cruise tips, how to add value to every holiday experience, RCI Points verses RCI Weeks, Timeshare verses Timeshare Clubs, plus a specific area devoted to our USA readers and much more…..

Resorts making it work. This section will be accessible for resorts only. Educating your members on best use of their timeshare. Retaining and building your membership and much more.

Coming soon:  Regular newsletter.  This issue includes how to reduce your overall maintenance costs. There will be case histories and a section on resort reviews. We will include Timeshare Weekly’s personal experience of the largest timeshare resort worldwide Orange Lake in Florida. This will be followed by a series on the retirement revolution. Retirement is about a new beginning and timeshare is a key tool to enable you to achieve unique holiday experiences that you can share with those you care for. Taking quality time out strengthens the family bond.

This is a must read 8 Key areas that will enable you to design your timeshare holiday experience

Gray Power will follow soon. This will be the most powerful box on this website. Review this with an open mind and see how you can make a difference.

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A Message from The Author 

I have met and spoken with literally thousands of Timeshare owners face to face over the years from just about every nation and from every type of resort and club. I make a point of sitting down with Timeshare owners to educate them on how to best use what they currently own. It is important to me to create a feel good factor about the Industry.

In 2003 a timeshare owner emailed me more out of frustration than anything else. It was a short email, but it resonated with me at the time. as a result of this the seeds of creating Timeshare weekly were first sown.

The email simply stated "why is it that some resorts just want to either sell me something or upgrade me. Why can't they just make my holiday experience a better one so that I want to come back again"

The 21st Century has seen the consumer’s expectations rise and all businesses and Industries that wish to flourish need to keep pace with a changing world and new trends. The Timeshare Groups that have moved with the times are setting the standards.

Timeshare exchange secrets why some owners never get disappointed with their exchanges  view here

Timeshare Weekly has evolved to accomodate changes in the Industry since then and the articles reflect that and are written with the Timeshare owner in mind. Timeshare owners want to get straight to the point, as there are a number of timeshare owners who are not aware of all the benefits available to them in timeshare

Why is this? Think of it from an owners’ perspective; the problem is that generally timeshare sales presentations have a lot of information to impart. This can be especially daunting for the new timeshare owner who feels overloaded with detail, but understands the concept of holiday exchange at the time and that’s why most of us go on to become owners.

However,  the information is imparted to us usually over just one presentation and, if we don't apply or review that information within a couple of days, we will forget most of this.   That’s how the brain works and that’s why even if we understand and have a great presentation at the time we will not remember most of this even after a few short weeks. Most resorts have not changed their sales approach in years. There are better ways to present to prospective new members so they can assimilate the new information more easily. 

Gold Crown secrets  view here

This may appear as a contradiction, but it is important to note that there is no substitute for a professional knowledgeable timeshare salesperson that has either a follow up or an after care service. There are professionals in timeshare who have their careers based around building a solid reputation with a good service and what's right for their clients.

Researching timeshare for ourselves can appear initially confusing when trying to find out how to make the best use of timeshare or how to select what's the best way to own a timeshare.  We are bombarded with mixed messages about timeshare that can be a little overwhelming. 

It has been proven that the best way to learn is not to read various articles at one sitting, but to focus on just one relatitive subject until you understand the key areas before you move on to another article. 

Fortunately, once you grasp the basics of timeshare, as shown in Timeshare Weekly, you can sit down in the privacy of your home and discover how our articles can make all the difference. Timeshare is a great concept and you will enjoy a lifetime of holidays with a little knowledge.

Timeshare owners can also play an important part.  It is important to review the Club rules and explore timeshare options that are available to them, as illustrated in Timeshare Weekly.

Timeshare does not have one Independent body in the Industry that is responsible for improving its reputation, through education of best use without any conflict of interest.

If your not achieving holiday results like these timeshare owners you need to find out what there doing differently with their Exchange Company or a multiple of Exchange Companies. Review their testimonials here.

We need everyone to work together as an Industry and show how timeshare is a unique concept and works for the majority of timeshare owners who use their timeshare effectively. Timeshare owners can contribute by forwarding Timeshare Weekly to a friend or your Timeshare Company so fellow members can benefit. Together as a collective we can make a difference as Timeshare Weekly evolves to support the timeshare owner seeking guidance. 

Timeshare Weekly recognises that we all need to work together to educate each other and raise the profile of the Timeshare Industry. There will be topics that we can all relate to, regardless of where  we live in the World.

The reality is that most timeshare resorts don't have the resource to provide on going advice to cater for their members changing needs. Timeshare Weekly is there to assist the timeshare owners and the resorts not only for now, but so that the younger generation can also see the benefits of timeshare and how it caters for their lifestyle holiday needs. 

If you have family or friends that are non-timeshare owners we recommend that they read this article first  Why Timeshare: Is It The Right Choice? (Forward this article to your friends using the link provided).

NB: if the articles are just passively read nothing will change for you.

Timeshare owners must also know that achieving the holidays that you require is not automatic. Nothing worthwhile comes automatically.  You do have to do a little homework and review the articles. As time progresses, Timeshare Weekly will be introducing regular articles with tips and techniques to ensure you can make the very best of your timeshare.

5 key points that could reduce your holiday costs dramatically by 50% or more view here

The “free” reports within Timeshare Weekly are packed with information. With the use of the Internet, you can quickly learn how such a method of holidaying using timeshare can be good for you and your family.

Would you happen to know of anyone who could benefit from knowing how to use their timeshare effectively?

Keeping you informed. Use the link below to forward Timeshare Weekly to a friend. By timeshare owners assisting each other and sharing ideas we can help shape the industry. As a collective we can make a difference.

ParadiseTo begin with, lets make a start in helping each other to shut down the small minority of ‘bad guys’ that hamper our Industry. Go to the link  "Operation PBT" You will be amazed how together, with your help, we can influence the Timeshare Industry via the Internet and close scam Companies down!

“Timeshare Weekly” provides an opportunity for us all to play a role in sharing ideas that can only help evolve and shape our Timeshare Industry. Resorts as well as timeshare owners can review this area here and  Learn more about Timeshare Weekly.

Recomend a service that exceeded your expectations from a club/Resort, salesperson, or support staff. If they went out of their way for you, can you do the same for them tell us who they are and what they did contact Graham via email

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