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Gold Crown Timeshare Resorts: Are Gold Crown the Best Resorts For You?

GOLD CROWN the emphasis has always been to try to exchange into Gold crown resorts. I am sure that some of you must have stayed at a Gold Crown resort before and found that a previous resort you stayed in that was rated as a "Standard" resort was more suitable for you than the Gold Crown resort. Why is this?

Did You Know?

You need to be aware of how a resort is awarded its rating and do your homework to ensure you holiday in the resort that best suits your personal holiday style. There are some resorts that are classified as standard but will be better for you than a Gold Crown resort due to your holiday requirements.

As you know many resorts have been in timeshare for nearly 40 years. It is impossible for RCI to personally visit over 4,000 resorts every year. So timeshare members determine the resorts ratings.

Every time you make an RCI exchange or take a bonus week reservation you receive a holiday questionnaire upon your return. This covers every aspect of your holiday and you are requested to mark various areas out of five.

RCI generally focus on five key areas; Check - in, Check - out, Resort Hospitality, Unit Maintenance, and Unit Housekeeping. A mean average is taken during a twelve-month period, this then dictates a resorts individual rating.

The problem with a rating system is that it cannot take into account that we are all different and so are our holiday expectations.

For example you could stay at a resort that does not have a view. You may rate the resort unfavorable because your unit is facing the wrong way. Another couple may rate the resort highly - even though they stayed in the same unit - as it's a great location and that's what's really important to them.

We have to appreciate that we all have different holiday expectations. My type of holiday may be very different to yours.

So what can you do about this to ensure that the resort meets your expectations? Do your homework! So you won’t be disappointed and will have a good idea of what to expect.

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...its important to do your research.

If you want to obtain more references just type in the name of your resort on Google and you will come across comments from visitors that may prove to be helpful. If you come across some comments that cause you concern its worth phoning the resort.

I was looking at a few resorts in Cyprus, as I wanted to use one as a ‘base’. A Google search revealed that cats overran the resort I intended to stay at! I phoned the resort and they emailed me back and assured me that the problem had been resolved when the chef had been told to stop feeding them!

Be aware that there are some resorts that have a hotel attached. The same Developer/Group can own both and sometimes you’re come across comments on websites like trip adviser and the comments refer to the hotel side and not the timeshare apartments. There are some resorts where the hotel side may not have the same standards as the in the timeshare apartments. So its important to do your research.

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Best wishes and great holidays!


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