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Timeshare Scams & Fraud: How to Simply Avoid Fraud - Fight Back!

Timeshare Scams: Learn how to sell your timeshare without being scammed and if scammed how you could get your money back by accessing the Free Report within this article.

In this article we will cover six main areas

Let’s put things in perspective; all Industries have their bad guys. Look at the Financial Services Industry, for e.g, they have clients who have been taken for millions!  Timeshare is no different than any other Industry; they all have their rogues. It is a shame though that a small minority of ‘bad guys’ hampers our Industry. We seem, as an Industry, focused on the few Timeshare fraud and scams out there and not promoting the positive of what timeshare has to offer. Some websites are dominated with forums full of threads on timeshare scams and fraud. Timeshare Weekly is mainly about promoting how to make timeshare work for you. This article is just to make you aware of what to avoid.

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Before we start it's important to acknowledge that timeshare owners who believe thay have been scammed may have not, perhaps it just feels that way as they may have paid to much for their timeshare product or more than likely dont understand how to use it.

Your timeshares value will increase to you with it's effective use, that will be covered in other articles within Timeshare weekly.

Confused by timeshare?

1) Simple rules to help prevent you being scammed

These simple guidelines will ensure that you avoid timeshare scams. Statistics have shown that if a company committing fraud has caught us out once we are susceptible to get caught out again. These simple guidelines will save you a fortune.

Unsolicited cold calls please note that not all companies that cold call are fraudulent companies as this method of approach is applied across all industries.

However for your protection as far as the timeshare Industry is concerned it be would be easier to assume all unsolicited calls relating to holidays are scams! If you apply this simple rule you will substantially reduce your chances of being defrauded.

If you want to ensure that your making the best use of your timeshare or thinking of Buying a TimeshareDiscover in this article the right Exchange Company for you and how to get the best exchanges. How to select the right Timeshare product and who to buy from and much more.

If you are called with any reference to holidays be polite and just tell them you no longer own a timeshare as most of these companies are trying to entice you to sell your timeshare. If they think you own they may well try to phone back again. Take away their reason to call back and tell them you no longer own a timeshare. Then immediately put the phone down! The more they engage you in conversation on the phone the more likely they are to convince you to either tell them your credit card details or to meet up with them. PUT THE PHONE DOWN!

A question I get asked is – the companies that call me how do these get my details they seem to know what I own?  Data protection laws are being broken in a number of ways. This can be obtained from a number of sources. You may have attended a timeshare presentation in the past and your details are held on record. You could have a rogue secretary from a Resort or Exchange Company who could download thousands of names with your details on a disc. It happens and your details are amongst thousands of others and sold on to a scam company.

Timeshare presentation. If you attend a timeshare presentation ensure you come prepared with your questions and review this link Other considerations

Take along a notepaper and pen to take notes at your sales presentation. They may ask why, just inform them that your likely to give me a lot of facts and figures which I probably wont remember and then you might ask me to make a decision based on this meeting. A scam company won’t like this and they will be aware that this could be used against them in a court of Law, as it’s a record of the meeting. So expect a short meeting if this is a meeting set up with falsehoods.

A genuine timeshare sales person may be uncomfortable with some note taking, but will understand if you explain the reasons why. However a professional salesperson would probably welcome this as it means that you are actively getting involved and may see this as a benefit. 

Sometimes you may not realise it, but you have ended up in a sales presentation that’s been disguised as an ‘Update Meeting’ or a Welcome Meeting’ if you are happy to stay for the sales presentation just ask for some paper and a pen and explain why. 

We need to remind ourselves of some of the benefits of timeshare. bonus weeks - timeshares best kept secret!

Scare Tactics This has become a popular approach by some sales teams who promote to mature owners that their timeshare is now a liability. Not only to them but also to their beneficiaries who don’t see the benefits of timeshare who will have no choice, but to inherit their parents timeshare. They sometimes use newspaper clippings relating to a resort group that has been highlighted as having this archaic ruling and they promote this as if it’s typical for the Industry this is NOT the case.

Check out your timeshare products exit strategy and contact your resort I have come across owners who have paid considerable sums to come out of timeshare with these scare tactics not realizing that they could simply have handed back their timeshare anyway with no penalty!

Verbal promises that are not a part of the contract count for nothing! Ensure that a verbal promise that you see as a benefit insist that this included in the contract or you wish this to be signed by a senior manager representing ideally the resort on headed paper.

Next read the paperwork! If unsure seek advice from a positive source (the resort may recommend a governing body a consumer advice association or themselves here)

Cooling off notice Ensure you are familar with the relevant timeshare act that relates to the country that you purcase in. For example Mexico's rules and regulations will be different to that of a timeshare purchased in Europe.  Some countries will have cooling off notices from as little as a couple of days and some up to 14 days. Some countries have no cooling off notices with some types of timeshare products. The timeshare act is relevant to the country you purchase in and their jurisdiction and not the country you are resident. Contact a governing body overseeing timeshare in the country you are purchasing for specific detail. A simple Google search will reveal this.

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2) How can we help to close down these Scam companies?

Firstly, it is pretty much pointless naming and shaming the outfits that are continuing these widespread timeshare scams and commit fraud, simply because as soon as they receive any negative publicity they are shutting down and reopening with a new name, even operating from new offices. They are convincing and professional conmen. At some stage, if not already, you will be presented to by a conman using a different theme. In this article I have given a general overview below of just SOME of the more typical Timeshare scams. Be aware - new Timeshare scams are being worked on all the time.

Lets switch off the scam companies source of income with poor timeshare owners duped into elaberate scams. This can be done by helping others to quickly recognise what looks like a scam. This can happen if we help educate our friends in timeshare let Timeshare Weekly do that for you.

Forward on this article to a friend, if we forwarded this on to two timeshare friends and ask them to do the same by forwarding this article on to their friends. Then if everyone read this article we will seriously reduce the number of timeshare owners falling for their scams as they are easy to spot. Together we can significantly reduce the fraud company’s income and they will have to shut up shop permanently!

OPERATION PBT (Pay Back Time) Forward this link to a friend.

Forward this article to your timeshare friends so that:

  • We can educate our fellow timeshare owners and friends on how to avoid and recognise the timeshare scams and fight back so the companies committing fraud don’t catch them out.
  • Let us stop feeding the timeshare scammers!  Let’s put them out of business by educating our friends. Let’s stay one step ahead.
  • For those that become victims just some of them maybe able to get their money back.
  • The Free Report will enable you to apply those steps and you could get your money back from the companies that commit fraud.

If you are thinking of selling a timeshare that is surplus to your requirements, then our free report below is essential reading to help you avoid the scamming companies. Our free report could save you a fortune! It details a specific process that can help you to get your money back if you have been scammed (and this process can be used worldwide!)

3) What scam companies know about you already!

This will give you an invaluable insight about how scam companies exploit your emotions and we will cover four main areas.  This will give you a better understanding of the timeshare scam and fraud companies that prey upon our Industry. Be aware, rogues are very creative and professional in their approach and use a range of persuasive techniques that exploit basic human emotions such as loss/fear or gain to provoke an instant reaction to their scam offer.

There are boiler rooms created to just hit the phones with lists of timeshare owner’s details. It’s a numbers game, so be prepared because you will get calls.

Ensure that you have requested the Free Report. This will enable us to fight back together to close down scamming operations with simple knowledge and basic techniques. 

Read through this carefully to avoid being scammed. I have found that those who get caught out by timeshare scams are prepared to listen to them for four main reasons. You need to understand how scam companies work and commit fraud how they have taken the time out to study your motives for wanting to sell. These are the main reasons timeshare owners wish to sell their timeshare and how the scammers play on this.

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  • Some inexperienced Timeshare owners who don’t really understand how to use what they own as they may have not been shown or serviced effectively.
  • Timeshare owners who cannot justify to themselves paying higher maintenance fees when comparing their fees with other similar resorts/clubs.
  • A concern regarding a lack of availability within their Exchange Company. Perhaps they are not using their existing Exchange Company effectively. Maybe they are not aware that they could access additional other Exchange Companies as well.
  • They have lifestyle challenges that can be financial or health driven.

Issue 1: Timeshare scam companies know that a surprisingly high percentage of timeshare owners just don't know how to effectively work timeshare and they play on this. Think of it from an owners’ perspective why this is: The problem is that generally timeshare sales presentations have a lot of information to impart. This can be especially daunting for the new timeshare owner who feels overloaded with detail but understands the concept of holiday exchange.  That’s why most of us go on to become owners.

However the way the information is imparted to us over one presentation if we don't apply or review that information within a couple of days, we will forget most of this. That’s how the brain works and that’s why even if we understand and have a great presentation we will not remember most of this. There needs to be a quick follow up and we need to be aware of the importance of reviewing our club rules.

Most timeshare owners go on to learn around the resort pool meeting other owners on holiday to be told a little gem or we learn the hard way when we try to book our holidays with our Exchange Company and are not aware of the ways to successfully request our holidays and we end up disappointed.

After a while though what you don’t understand won’t work, so through inexperience we want to sell it. In all fairness, some timeshare products have become a little more complex if you have not learned the basics and where this is the case in an ideal world there should be some form of follow up procedure to ensure the new member is maximising the benefits of timeshare.

So some timeshare owners feel that they have been miss-sold or scammed and that’s probably not the case. It’s just that we may not know how to use our membership effectively. Your first port of call should be your club as they should be keen that you use your membership effectively so you in turn become an advertisement for their club and timeshare. Speak to your customer services.

Some resorts may not have the resource or experienced personnel to help educate their members and guests so that’s in part why Timeshare Weekly has been created. There will be regular articles that will be updated to keep you up to date with all you need to know to make your timeshare work for you.

We need to remind ourselves of the benefits of timeshare. That’s the reasons why we became timeshare owners in the first place. Review Why Timeshare: Is It The Right Choice?

Issue 2: For some timeshare owners they feel their maintenance fees have increased over the years compared to other resorts/clubs and this no longer reflects good value. This can have even more of an impact if you have a low season week and require exchanges for prime time or have to few points that do not allow you to holiday when you want too.

Sometimes just by accessing additional Exchange Companies or just being more familiar with your club rules can make the difference. It is rare that I have come across any timeshare owner, regardless of what they pay in maintenance, that I can’t show them how they are not better off than having conventional holidays through a travel agent when comparing ‘like for like’. The only real challenge I have had is for those who only take one holiday a year at a specific time. There’s a solution to every problem - sometimes we have to work a little harder for it. 

Read this you have been warned! Confessions of a Timeshare Scammer?

Issue 3: Timeshare Scam Companies are aware that some clients just don't know how to obtain the best exchanges using their club. When owners are not getting the exchanges that they want, then they are soon trying to sell their timeshares, as it appears that they ‘just don’t work’. Again Timeshare Scam companies will work this to their advantage. Review the article on Timeshare availability.

“I can never get the exchange I want” is a question that often comes up. This can sometimes just be due to poor exchange opportunities with timeshare owners owning low season weeks. Or, perhaps, you own at a country/location that has a low trading value. Perhaps you don’t have enough points or, quite simply, your holiday style has changed and your exchange company cannot cater for you now. You can’t holiday when you want to or where you want to so you want to sell, as ‘timeshare does not work for you’.  Perhaps you just have not been shown how to make timeshare work for you.

Maybe you are not aware that there may be a better Exchange Company better suited for your next holiday. Request our free report where you find out where there are several other Exchange Companies you could consider. Some are Free to join.  Request our Independent Report on other Exchange Companies.

Issue 4: For some owners, it is for genuine reasons that they wish to sell their timeshare. This could be a health issue restricting the type of holiday that they can now take. I have met clients in their late eighties who just don't wish to holiday anymore.

There are other clients who have a timeshare that they have out grown as their holiday style has changed and their timeshare is not able to cater to their holiday needs. This is mainly because as timeshare owners mature they now wish to own at a resort in their country of residence. If thats the case then review your timeshare options and perhaps there is an alternative to consider coming soon the article Timeshare Options 

Timeshare is made for those in retirement you just need to be shown. Coming soon the article ‘Timeshare in Retirement’

If you have a timeshare that is surplus to your needs then, be aware, as you will be more receptive than most, as timeshare scam companies target you. You need to read the free report more than anyone. Learn how to sell without being caught out with a Timeshare scam. 

Statistics show that, even after reading this, some of you will still fall for timeshare scams and lose money. Worse still surveys have shown that if we have been scammed once most of us are even more receptive to go on to get caught even a second and third time!

Let’s spread the message and help each other.  Recommend your friends to read this article.

Don’t become their next victim. Remember, their timeshare scams are based around gain and fear/loss so they can elicit a spontaneous reaction from you during your meeting with them so you go ahead with their scam. Its typical for them to scare you into a sale by claiming that your resort/club will never allow you to leave during the terms of your contract. Check this out first with your resort and clubs rules. Another scare tactic is told that even on death your beneficiaries are responsible for future maintenance payments.

Fear is a big emotion to play on! Review the typical Timeshare scams below and recognise what fear/gain emotions they are eliciting from you: -

It is even a shame to have to cover this negative topic of “fraud” as Timeshare Weekly is all about showing you the benefits of timeshare and how to make it work for you.

Timeshare Scams: Learn how to sell your timeshare without being scammed and if fraud has been committed how you could get your money back by accessing the Free Report below.

4) Have You Been Approached by Some of These Typical Timeshare Scams?

1. This scam has been around for years

2. They will inform you that RCI have a class action against them in the USA

3. Another telephone call with a different tact to put you at ease

4. This telephone call or meeting is to inform you that your resort will not allow you to simply hand back your week

5. Holiday Clubs

6. The ‘Money Back’ Scam

7. This is based around a presentation that timeshare is an Investment

8. A legal firm has contacted me claiming that it can refund our money from a scam

9. The Russians are coming

5) How you could get your money back regardless of where you are in the world with this free report.

If you are thinking of selling a timeshare that is surplus to your requirements, then our free report below is essential reading to help you avoid the scamming companies. Our free report could save you a fortune! It details a specific process that can help you to get your money back if you have been scammed (and this process can be used worldwide!)


Ensure that you have requested the Free Report. This will enable us to fight back together to close down timeshare scam operations with simple knowledge and basic techniques. 

Request this Free Report and you will learn that the best defense is offence. You will find the following and a lot more in the free report. 

Learn how to sell your timeshare without being scammed and if fraud has been committed how you could get your money back by accessing the Free Report above and avoid the scam companies.


If you have lost money through a scam company you will be shown how you might get your money back. The report is based upon what you can do within Europe and Worldwide.

6) Authors Comments

In summery the bad guys are the minority in the timeshare industry but they get the biggest media coverage! The Timeshare industry is a great concept and has exceeded the expectations of a very high percentage of timeshare owners who work the system. Review the testimonial’s on this website.

Do not allow any unfortunate experience you have had in this great Industry to deny you of great quality holidays as enjoyed by the millions of timeshare owners. There is only a small percentage of timeshare owners in reality that have real reason to complain, unfortunately it’s this that creates attention and you will see forums and the media focusing on this. It’s a shame that they did not sit down with the many timeshare owners who I have met or sent me testimonials.

This could have happened to you in any other Industry such as double-glazing, Builders firms and financial advisors to name a few.

Timeshare owners need to understand what they own and how timeshare works so you can see the real value of timeshare and that it is worth the recurring monetary commitment.

Timeshare Weekly will show you how to really make timeshare work for you, but in the end its down to you to review this website and all the future articles. As in anything input equals output so you need to do a little homework. 

Let’s get the message out there and pass on this living document to our friends by recommending this website so they in turn can forward this on to their friends. Let us stop feeding the scammers!  Let’s put them out of business by educating our friends. Let’s stay one step ahead.

Timeshare Weekly is a “free information website” - there is no timeshare products for sell on this website, not even timeshare adverts!

If you have been unfortunate and had dealings with a timeshare scam company get back on board with a reputable company. Check out who have been recommended in our testimonial section by other timeshare owners.

Recommend a Resort, Club, and Exchange Company or a Sales Person.

There are some great sales people and Companies out there and let’s recognise them. If anyone has had good service from their Club/Resort, salesperson, or anyone/ anything above your expectations, then please email direct so we can make this available

I will follow those resorts and sales people you recommend. Let’s promote the good in timeshare. There are some unsung hero’s out there so let’s give them a mention here. 

Forward this link to a friend.

Kind regards



P.S Any typos, grammar and spelling mistakes are obviously deliberate and free as my gift to you.