Why forward Timeshare Weekly?

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There are three main reasons:

  • Your friend will benefit from ongoing articles without any timeshare products for sale compromising the guidance that Timeshare Weekly provides for the timeshare consumer.
  • Because the more of us that are sharing ideas the better it will be for timeshare as a whole. We are educating and helping each other. We will have a bigger voice together.
  • Timeshare Weekly will also be making positive suggestions through an area called 'Resorts making it work' that you can forward on to your resorts.

'Resorts making it work' will be geared to some simple suggestions that we maybe able to contribute too and assist our resort making timeshare a more effective product and help to raise the profile of timeshare in a positive way.

There is no doubt that this is a great industry if it is worked effectively. It is just a shame that the media tends to focus on the few bad guys in our industry.

Forward this article to as many timeshare friends as you can!